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  1. thats quite an amazing story! Ive always thought of it as a snippet of what its really like! does anyone on this topic have any experience as an armed officer or Dog handler, I am really focused on working towards those areas and was just wondering what peoples views are on them.
  2. Do you think if when Im 18 I applied to become a special I would be way more likely to be accepted compared to if I was to apply for a paid officer role. Im sure the answer is probably yes.
  3. Just out of curiosity how realistic are the police documentaries on tv? By no means do they make me want to join but Ive wondered if programmes like police interceptors or traffic cops are an accurate representation of real policing.
  4. Pigman, does a degree have a large impact(if any) on a police officers career?
  5. Thanks for the advice its helpful I will probably finish my A-levels then go on to study the CKP required by my county to join and then go from there.
  6. I dont tend to have any problems spelling when writing, I decided to study english at A-level because I understand that there can be a lot of writing/spelling etc.
  7. Its hard to explain, its half the size of a huge tesco but probably 3x the size of an express store to be precise.
  8. I don't work at Tesco as a supervisor but I have worked at this job for almost 2 years, but I doubt they would hire someone as young as me to be a supervisor at their stores! however I'm sure the job is the same but yes it can at times be extremely hectic when the tills crash or someone can't speak english and the queues go up the isles and I'm alone to try and get everything going! even the managers are 19 so its common for young people to do the jobs where I work. Pigman, What is the required age for a supervisor at Tesco It must be 18+?
  9. yes weird isn't it! but its a family run supermarket and people are promoted extremely quickly! thats if you do the job right.
  10. I would have to agree, many people seem to have different opinions based on their experience, but I feel like I would definitely enjoy it everyday and I'm not naive I understand theres going to be days when it isn't great but thats like most jobs, I have a job at a busy supermarket as a supervisor while I'm studying so would you consider that to be dealing with unhappy customers? should I just stay at it for a few years longer to gain more experience? and apply when around 19/20?
  11. This is the pay for my county, is this a good pay scale compared with other forces, sorry I couldn't insert the screenshot. http://www.surrey.police.uk/careers/police-officers/police-constable-pay-scale http://www.surrey.police.uk/careers/police-officers/police-constable-pay-scale
  12. Thanks, I do understand that some people don't like it but I really can't see myself doing anything else despite the amount of people who tell me not to join.
  13. I actually do know what a special is but struggle to see what difference is between a PC and special and its *territory
  14. So how long did it take you to become a detective constable? and also seen as no one else has given any information, do you think if I gained a CKP and attempted to join the police when I'm 18 I would get accepted, Its just I vary rarely see an 18/19 year old police officer. I am hoping to join Surrey police if that makes any difference.