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  1. Hey guys! I'm an university student in my last year and I have to do my dissertation. I'm studying criminology. I was advised to pick up an interesting topic since it's a big piece of work(9000) words so I went for ''violence and corruption within the British police- myths and reality''. Now, before someone say something negative, please note that there is part that said ''myth and reality''. Obviously I have to present the service in both good and bad side, otherwise my work will be bias and I'll fail my dissertation, therefore can't write about ''good and polite British police'' only. Hope you understand my point. So if any of you would like to share some interesting stories, rumors, something good or bad that you or your friends have experienced, or want to meet me for a cup of coffee(if you live in London) and talk about some of your memorable experiences within the force, please don't hesitate to contact me. I know that this sounds a bit suspicious but I assure you that I only need some info in order to complete my dissertation, I don't want you to grass on your colleges , I don't need names and dates etc,etc,etc... I just need some help for my studies and any such will be much appreciated.