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  1. Starting in North Wales

    Well I went to my introduction meeting last night and it looks like I'm to be based in Caernarfon - only the place with highest concentration of Welsh speakers in Wales! Fingers crossed that I won't feel too much like an alien... Still, Caernarfon - plenty of action there!
  2. Starting in North Wales

    Thanks all :) I have access to the online resources and used these yo get me through the recruitment test. I shall definitely be using them again!
  3. Starting in North Wales

    Thanks Backlash, I'll drop you a PM.
  4. Hi all - I am new to the forums. I am soon to start my training as a Special Constable in North Wales Police. Having passed the PIR, interview, Welsh test and medical I am eagerly awaiting the training. I am slightly apprehensive about the certain language barriers that I will face once I set foot out on the streets. I have been able to demonstrate my Welsh language abilities enough to enter the force, but I can't hold a conversation. I understand some Welsh, but find it difficult to respond in Welsh after being addressed (mostly a confidence thing). For those who know: how difficult am I going to find it, in both dealing with the public and my colleagues, being primarily monolingual? I'd appreciate any insight! Apologies for opening with such an obscure post.