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  1. Vetting appeal dismissed

    Hi everyone I'm new here but would like to ask the forum for some clarification on my failed vetting for a position with TVP. For clarification, I failed, appealed and this was dismissed. I'm an ex Police Officer, left in 2012 with an Exemplary Conduct certificate from my CC. I've applied to Join TVP as a financial Investigator and have had my vetting appeal dismissed without a reason. I understand due to the DPA that they can't tell you why you've failed but I can tell the forum I have no debts, no balances on my credit cards, no criminal convictions and have a decent bank balance. I do have a family member that recently signed ViSOR for 2 years, and was cautioned for an offence. He's a close family member but i did disclose everything about him on the vetting form. Does the forum believe he has cost me my new job with TVP? :-(