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  2. No VS news keep searching,! 😆
  3. Due to on going issues I've looked into going part time before leaving on a full 30 in two and a half years. It's worth conasidering if things get that bad. I found 2.5 years of part time would mean i commute 10k less and lose 1k yearly pension.
  4. Heard that vs Maybe offered this year as they are desperate to save money!
  5. Surely surely not. Would like to see Leadsom get it.
  6. Keep searching for compulsory severance. Maybe it's a new modern warfare xbox or PS4 game!
  7. If its not severance, competency tests, now lump sums to worry about! Wish I could see Osbourne, May and Cameron in the gutter in a west end side street withcardboard. I would stop any passer by from throwing them a penny!
  8. Leicester City may win the Premier League this year. However, compulsory severance seems to be off the agenda at this moment in time.
  9. No news on VS in the Met. The silence is deafening. No announcements on anything as if the last 5 years haven't happened. Sill the top man has his new Range Rover!
  10. It's the season to be jolly! La la la la la la la la la! Tommy Winsor is a wally! La la la la la la la la la , He got paid for Winsor 2 La la la la la la la la la Compulsory severance is OVERDUE! La la la la la la la la la! Happy Christmas to those worrying about CS!
  11. You've lost me.
  12. Which Chief Constable are you then or what bagperson? Plus looks like you are in the the minority in this. So HMG pretended to introduce cuts to expose so called backward CC's who have the savvy not to play nodding dog to HMG. Do you think I have the gist now?
  13. Not sure why you are defending our chiefs Billyboots because I'm not attacking them. What it proves is we have heard absolute diatribe from HMG. I think I am entitled to bang the drum because Teresa May said we had cried wolf. Well that myth was dispelled in Paris on 13/11/15. Even though that was in another country you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to work out the cuts would have arrived in a neat gift wrapped box had it not happened. Now we can rack our brains with all sorts of theories why these cuts never happened but it's a waste of time do you know why. Its because there is no open and transparent interaction with troops on the coal face. We get told very little until it is probably too late. Despite the good news today there will be big amalgamations which is still going to cause us grief over the coming weeks and months. If CS ever comes in I will blame HMG as well. Having seen our boss on a post I recently shared on here it is clear there was some resilience around the cuts put out towards Keith Vas, Chuku Amuna and co. Which dare I say it I was impressed with. Boris Johnson, Kevin Hurley PCC Surrey, PCC's up and down the country, BHH, Chiefs all started coming out the woodwork and rounded on Osbourne and May after 13/11/15 and they were too ambitious to not smell the coffee. I don't think the tories were not serious in making up the threat of cuts. That's an interesting theory but I can't see that.
  14. Compulsory severance we waited 5 years ! and listened to MP's talking diarreah ! we tried to cry wolf! we tried a big march! Compulsory severance your having a laugh! Its the 25th of November ladies and gentlemen and STILL NO SIGN OF COMPULSORY SEVERANCE!
  15. Can we say no CS till 2020 at least though. The way this lot change direction I don't think we can assume that. It would have meant a massive vote winner for liebour and PM prospect killer for messers May and Osborn. What should concern us however is how Cameron has told one of the biggest fibs I have ever seen in saying neighbourhood policing has increased. We can rest for a bit longer but not forever. It doesn't solve the problem we have today though as we are still grossly under resourced in relation to the expectations they want. The fat lady was clearing her throat but decided to have a big pint of policing instead!!!!!!!