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  1. Derbyshire PCSO Recruitment

    Hi Craig how did you go with it all? I have got into the second round of recruitment for this position in Derby.... so have my fitness test coming up... Was wondering how it went for you, I'm finding that I'm getting increasingly nervous as I have trained but weigh 40kg knowing that I will have to push and pull effectively my body weight.... any tips or advice? Cheers!
  2. Fitness Test

    Random question... I have a fitness test coming up... and have been attending the gym, am a petite female only weighing in at 38/39kg - 40 kg if I'm lucky! Does anyone have any tips for the push/pull element of the test when weighing in their own body weight at around 40kg? I have been training hard but feels like a right battle! Training test in a week.... feeling very nervous Any advice would be helpful!