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  1. Re-settlement Courses

    Thanks to everyone that has responded.
  2. Re-settlement Courses

    Hi, I have recently joined this forum and I have a general question about re-settlement courses within Forces in England & Wales. I retired in 2004 after 30 years service and attended a 2 day re-settlement course 3 years before I was due to retire. This was not compulsory but I was allowed to do it in duty time so I was a fool not to participate. I remember the first day quite well as it sadly co-incided with the Twin Towers atrocity. Overall the 2 days were quite useful particularly in relation to financial matters and there was the usual NARPO speech from the local Chair. I have moved on but I am very interested to establish whether individual forces place any more emphasis on re-settlement of staff than they did 10 years ago? I know I will not receive responses relating to each force but it may give me some idea as to what is currently on offer and whether members feel the input they received was sufficient. Thank you for your time.