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  1. Met fitness tests.

    Yikes! Didn't mean to cause a debate on here. To add some sort of specific onto my initial posts, I'm not unfit. I am in sports clubs and do fighting regularly in my uni, I'm just not a runner, hence my initial worry about the running part, which I'm now not so concerned about as I got the actual test to use as real life comparison, rather than people's experiences online. I'm a she, too! (For the pronoun part in people's messages.) I was a bit vague because I'm not overall keen on talking about weight. Basically I'm on the beginning of the overweight section on bmi, and I was concerned about that going against me in the medical exam, but apparently that's alright as long as you're under a certain limit. And yeah, thanks for sticking up for me! I get what HMService is saying, of course, but I appreciate it. Was a bit taken aback when I came online and read down...
  2. Met fitness tests.

    Downloaded the beep test last night and took it up to the gym with me today to practice with the actual thing, and I was definitely surprised by how easy it was. I agree with you that it sounded more strenuous on paper :) I didn't mean make allowances for the running test, I was just wondering if they have strict guidelines on a person's weight? I'm actively losing weight atm and I've got a month to go, but still a bit concerned.
  3. Met fitness tests.

    Hi! New to the forum, so I hope I've got this in the right place! Got my day one next week and I'm relatively confident about it, but I'm less so for if I get through and move on to the day two with the fitness tests. The pushing/pulling are fine, but does anyone know how intense the running is? Also, not the smallest person, so are they massively strict if you're a bit on the larger side? Cheers in advance!