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  1. Missed assessment day

    Ah hadn't thought of that, will ask for copies!
  2. Missed assessment day

    Unfortunately HR didn't send any letters but are adament they sent the emails despite the emails not being received. Matt now has to wait 6 months before reapplying elsewhere. Really disappointing. But thanks for your help!
  3. Missed assessment day

    He has sent emails to where he applied, asking for them to contact him ASAP and explaining the situation. He is hoping they will allow him to attend a later assessment day as he has no evidence of ever receiving the assessment day date?
  4. Missed assessment day

    Hey there, My boyfriend passed the application stage of recruitment to be a police officer and received that news on January 3rd. He received a letter today however informing him that due to his non-attendance of the assessment day on the 13th of February, his application would be withdrawn. He had checked his mail and email every day since the news of his application and had still received no information of when the assessment would be, which is therefore why he missed it. Is there anything he can do seeing as it was not his fault he missed the assessment? Thanks!