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  1. Derbyshire PCSO Recruitment

    Nothing has been mentioned on BMI so far, plus like I said, I've passed my fitness test, so I'm not TOO worries about that. It's more, I don't know what else to expect from the medical. Will there be a drop and cough?! haha
  2. Bates Boots

    Hey, I know Bates boots are muched loved and a lot of people highly rate them. My question is, are they true to size? I'm a size 12 so as you imagine getting much bigger might prove to be awkward. Thanks in advance
  3. Derbyshire PCSO Recruitment

    Hi all, Does anyone know what the BMI standards are for Derbyshire PCSO's? Also what is involved with the medical? I have got my medical in 6 weeks, but I am nervous about it. I got to the medical stage for West Mids specials a couple of years ago but failed as my BMI was too high. Since then I have lost weight, but I was wondering what else is involved in the medical? Many thanks for your help! Craig