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  1. Pension Challenge

    I'm in the same boat I get my 30 in at 52 yrs 4 months however the deciding factor at the minute if I stay on till 55 isn't driven by money it will be what role I'm in at the time and the state of my health after 30 years on shifts. Im on response and will be for the foreseeable due to family commitments and if I remain on response I cannot at the minute believe i would want to stay on for nearly three extra years I'd rather get a part time job to make up the difference however as the remaining years left roll on I'm more than aware things can change which will dictate what my decision to stay or go when the time comes so I'll just keep everything crossed that it doesn't
  2. Pension Challenge

    With regards to the 87 scheme I managed to get an estimate for my pension that I had built up in that scheme now my tapering has finished the commutation figure provided were based on the current one for that scheme can anyone assist as to when the commutation figures are due to be changed again
  3. Public Holidays via NPCC

    From the fed Twitter page looks like it's the npcc and the met that are pushing for the change in bank holiday payments
  4. Public Holidays via NPCC

    You can bet your last pound this will be bulldozed in it would save forces quite a bit of cash for extra leave which they know some officers in large busy areas will not be able to take unless it's a midweek early turn try and get a weekend off no chance. With it already being run in Scotland it won't be long before we are being shafted again
  5. Pension Challenge

    I would say what you have accrued would not be touched but if you were still in the 87 scheme on the date that this is sorted surely you would just transfer to the care scheme on that date and lose the ability to retire on your 30 yrs and will have to work to 55 like everyone else who missed out on tapering and full protection
  6. Pension Challenge

    I fully support anyone challenging what clearly is unfair changes to our pension but if the claim is won surely hmg will appeal as it has implications for all the other public services that also offered the tapering system this will rumble on for years but good luck to those involved
  7. COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    The contract issue would draw some interesting and worrying implications as if like the pension issues now and it effects everybody at some point what is to stop the powers that be giving an officer with 23 years service a 5 year contract taking their service to 28 years and then telling the poor officer that their services were no longer required and their pension was being deferred I think contracts are unlikely to happen but these days who knows!!!
  8. COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    It's about time we forgot what has gone by in the past where officers would go the extra mile do overtime for lieu hours instead of pay and all this talk about we wouldn't go on strike because the public will suffer we need to wake up and realise cs will come in and be used will the public care not a jot they haven't supported us so far have they. Ask me over the last 20 years would I strike the answer would have been no I wouldn't have entertained the idea, ask me now the rules have been changed and we have been well and truly shafted and we are on the road to becoming employees then I'm sorry but my family come first so the answer would be yes I would
  9. COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    could this just be our Chiefs playing a very clever game when is the next spending review is it December which is when the Chiefs could then turn around and tell us the issue is being revisited and blame hmg instead of them instigating the move for cs it might not happen but how much can you keep cutting
  10. COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    I'd say it's more the bothered and can't be bothered if the last few years have anything to go by
  11. COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    How do the fed stand if it's the chief constables that are begging for cs and not the government forcing it on us surely they would have had some dialogue with the respective bosses yet still no communication has come our way so it's the pension saga all over kept in the dark till it's too late
  12. COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    a lot will depend on how far and how bad the cuts get as when things get tighter which they will and forces have cut as much as they can sold off what they can even merged with neighbouring forces and still cuts need to be made then the bosses will be faced with some difficult decisions one of which could be who can go out and do the job and who can't and review each restricted officer on a individual basis. Now I've nothing against restricted officers as you never know what's round the corner for you but when the cuts bite deep sentiment and doing right by your officers goes out the window
  13. COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Won't the severance of restricted officers throw up more legal challenges who will probably be protected by the disability discrimination act I could be wrong but I think most officers who are restricted will fight tooth and nail to remain in the job knowing that they are protected
  14. COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Cs will come in its inevitable however will it be rushed in I'm not so sure and it will certainly draw up the argument again of industrial rights as surely that will have to be seriously considered which may has already said she is dead against it which in my opinion when cs is brought in the fed can save a lot of money and not bother with a vote and just start the relevant proceedings to get us those industrial rights for us
  15. COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    It will come it now looks like not only do hmg want it but some of our chief constables whether or not it is ever agreed that you can go straight to compulsory before you offer voluntary well that's another question which I cannot see happening even if it is the cheaper option. Does anyone know from the forces that have already gone down the vs route when can you access the pension that you have built up?
  16. COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Interesting and worrying times ahead I think the main lottery will be which force you serve in and how they currently stand financially as not many have offered vs which surely has to be offered before they go down the cs route. The reason my force has not offered vs is because they cannot afford it so this poses more questions than answers as to how cs would be implemented and what criteria the powers that be would use to select officers for severance
  17. COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    It's now becoming more real than it ever has and it's been perfectly engineered by hmg if they can't get it through via the pat they wait a while continue their reduction in budgets and then our senior officers are more or less begging for it to be introduced I can just see Cameron with a large cigar dining Mrs May and uttering the well known phrase from Hannibal "I love it when a plan comes together" you could not write it ah well over to the fed for our next move
  18. Resigned from GMP in 2010 - advice appreciated.

    I wouldn't give it a second thought however bear in mind that even in the space of the 5 years you have been away the job has changed we are relied on more now to be mobile social workers relied on heavily by the mental health teams and that's just the tip of the iceberg as there are less of us out there this suggestion may go against the grain for some but why not come back as a special get working with a response team and see what it's like before you give up everything and join the job again when you know it's for you and your health and happy lifestyle are still there
  19. COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    No but if the rules changes and cs comes in then as far as I'm concerned the fed should be revisiting the industrial rights issue again but that's a different thread
  20. COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Lets look at the options available that forces could use before cs is even considered 1 privatise communications rooms Cleveland I believe already have 2 privatise custody and have a pace sgt seconded to authorise detention etc etc 3 start putting more pressure on partner agencies and do what we are supposed to do and that is fight crime etc and not be mobile social workers The public want police on the streets and to cull hundreds of officers to remain in credit will not wash with them despite the lack of support on other issues pension reform etc etc Cs will be a tool eventually but let's face it more options which will cost a lot less will be implemented first
  21. COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Cs will be the last resort when there are no other choices to make the met have just announced on the bbc news website that they are considering axes pcso's or reducing them. Cs will happen at some point probably engineered by our friends at hmg but when it will be used is anyone's guess as as far as I'm aware although I could be wrong but only a handful of forces have offered vs which has been in a while now
  22. Pension Challenge

    No what should have happened was from April 1st any new starter to the service should enter the care scheme as they would be fully informed on joining what pension they were signing up for all other officers on the other 2 schemes should have their pensions honoured and retire on those conditions as that's what they signed on the dotted line as for trying to put retired officers onto the care pension I don't know how that would work but in my opinion if they have served their time well they deserve it so let's leave them alone
  23. Night Shift Work - Health Implications

    I was on a course around ten years ago when the trainer who was running the course and who had retired from the job for around 5 years after doing his 30 recited a conversation with a police Dr who he knew quite well whilst he was working in custody the Dr told him to do his last 5 years prior to retirement off shifts so you wean yourself off them in works time and not your own and your body has time to adjust back to a normal sleep/eat pattern as if he didn't he would be probably die within ten years of finishing. That option sadly for the majority of us will no longer exist but it sure as hell makes you think.
  24. A19 Forces Win Appeal

    Fully agree however as we get nearer our end of service we all wish or the majority do for that little mon to fri office job which are now like hens teeth however they do exist so why not move someone who has ended their service in a cushy number when their 30 years are up to make way for another cop to graze on the good life till their service is up its basic manners!
  25. A19 Forces Win Appeal

    A19 as unfortunate as it is has to be used in these times when money is tight as no doubt vs will be used more in the future and we still have the threat of cs hanging over us. I wonder how many of the officers involved were still fully operational on shifts dealing with the public I bet not many as if they were and wanted to stay on they must be mad or work in a rural area where not much happens