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  1. First post, appologies for asking a question straight away. I was injured on duty nearly 4 years ago and have been on retricted duties since. I found a job I thought I would be able to do with my little health issues, however I am now finding it very hard. I have been classed as "disabled" and have great difficulties in walking/sitting for any period of time. My original injury has been classified as an "industrial injury". I have 20 pensionable years of service in the job. Where would I stand if I was offered a ill health pension ? If I had 26.5 years in, I know I would get the full amount (?). Would I get some kind of injury award as I am not able to do the full 30 years due to my injury ? Just worried that I am going to loose a great deal of money if I am offered (ill health retirement) and I accept !!!! Any help/suggestions would be greatly received. Thanks