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  1. Car Insurance

    Thanks for some interesting thoughts. The owner of the car has now decided to use it and so has now insured it. If I drive it with 3rd party insurance there is not any ambiguity now. Thanks to everyone
  2. Car Insurance

    I have a fully comprehensive policy for my car, which I can drive any other car which is owned by someone else with third party cover. My friends insurance on his car has run out, can I borrow his car and drive with my policy with third party insurance even though his insurance has run out. I know it would now show up as an uninsured car in the databases Is it the car that's insured or the driver
  3. Police Staff and Conviction

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this
  4. Hi Folks, I've applied for a vacancy in a Police Staff technical vacancy, however I was convicted of attempted housebreaking 22 years ago in a local district court and was admonished, never had anything against me since. Would this automatically give me a rejection for this vacancy