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  1. And there lies the problem, the 'taking charge' attitude if what lands cops in trouble off duty. What they should be doing is the minimum to keep everyone safe till someone on duty arrives. In many cases a simple Intel report would suffice. Long gone are the days when being an officer was an advantage.
  2. Why would it be a disgrace? Being a cop is a disadvantage when off duty. Unless someone's going to die if you don't get hands on your safer being a professional witness. In your example just go and get security.
  3. Just don't do it. Call 999 or 101 as it's not worth the risk/hassle.
  4. The public gets the police it deserves. Massive cuts to policing and not a bat of an eye, yet 1 lawful police shooting and there's riots up and down the country. NHS doesn't get an increase in funding and there's uproar, thousands of preventable deaths at the hands of Drs and it's forgotten in a heartbeat. Cops are too busy dealing with safeguarding issues to deal with shoplifters. Today I've 43 jobs on the queue and of those 26 are 'risk' jobs yet there's only 9 staff. So do I 'fail' the multi national company making billions or the 15 y/o repeat misper at risk of CSE? PS they don't have to fail to pay for the offence to be complete, it's just easier to prove intent. Also, asking them to leave the store BEFORE the they walk out with the goods is the whole point of security.
  5. IIRC you've got to have not been policing for several years before you can be a magistrate.
  6. Which is all the more reason why police should stop doing the 'right thing' and simply do the 'lawful thing'
  7. Unless there under a full care order it's a PPO or nothing, nor is there a power of entry. If you're getting hands on then you'd better have PPOd them otherwise it's assault.
  8. Not always possible to do due to potential ID issues so not always as it seems.
  9. Or as a Taser officer it's more a case of "better to have it and not need it...."
  10. Sgts/insp/Comms were putting pressure on cops to bounce from job to job and didn't give them time to do the job properly which resulted in silly mistakes. Now it's less about the job queue and more about getting the job done properly first time. But again this is not the discussion point.
  11. Though it sounds a lot like the CRTP that they got rid of if you ask me.
  12. Or as it tuned out the officers needed LESS supervison and more autonomy to manage their own workload efficiently.But that still leaves the issue of who is truly unsupervised in a policing organisation.
  13. I'm sure you have. But none of them were me.
  14. Zulu. I am GMP and a Comms operator does not order me to do anything, they request. And you might call it picking and choosing I call it managing my time appropriately and prioritising tasks v risk. It's called being a professional. If I have nothing on or nothing too important then I'll take the job. My work load and subsequent turn over is the highest of my group for this reason. Now if you want to jump to conclusions about me feel free but you should probably start a new thread.
  15. But as I said before, if that's how it will be seen in the context of the payments NOBODY will be 'unsupervised'.