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  1. Suspect shot

    European borders certainly didn't help.
  2. Suspect shot

    Many, just hope we get past Christmas with no further incidents.
  3. Ill health advice

    It's so frustrating that they do not acknowledge research on the condition. It all says the condition worsens as you get older. The attacks happen more frequently and take longer to recover from and the pain is never fully gone. I have suffered from it since my 30's, fortunately I managed until I was retired on an eye issue and never had to use it even though it brought me to my knees many times! The last fitness test I did aged 51 left me shaking for a whole day afterwards, but I passed it.
  4. Gloves

    I have no idea, mine did!
  5. Gloves

    I had police issues ones as they are slash resistant, but wore Sealskin inners in the really bad weather.
  6. Donald Trump

    He said Hilary would be in jail if he wins.............although I'm expecting the wall to be built before that happens On the good side, we should get more Barbados dollars for our sterling for our holibobs as it's directly linked to the falling dollar
  7. BMI problem?

    Please don't 'bump' topics, most people have settings that alert them to new topics they haven't read so they will comment if they wish to. Thanks.
  8. Happy Birthday Whisper

    Thank you, spent part of the day at an emergency physio appointment. Apparently my poor gait from my injured ankle is what caused my back to go in to spasm! I'm officially a gimmer!
  9. A Good judicial Result-almost

    The footage was horrifying. The car the deceased were in was squashed to a third of it's original size, and the lorry driver had signed a pledge not to use a mobile phone when driving an hour before this happened!
  10. Ankle injury - career help

    There's no way to answer this because it all depends on how severe the break and how well your body itself heals. We're all different, some will heal 100% with no further problems, some will always have a weakness and yes, that would hinder your career. Good luck and I hope you're one of the lucky ones!
  11. Month in hand

    My ex force paid two weeks in hand.
  12. Smartphone TV advert

    No, it's the Samsung NOTE 7. The one Bikerider mentions is a smaller smart phone with no bad publicity.
  13. Old Africa Hand

    Many happy returns OAH, hope you've had a great day.
  14. Smartphone TV advert

    It's the Galaxy 'Note' that's been catching fire not the smaller smart phone.
  15. CTU employment, realistic?

    Positions in that sort of role are like rocking horse poop. So if it's the sole reason for you joining I would reconsider as you'd have to do years and years at the sticky end to even get a shot at it, and then you'd be up against countless others for the job. Have you considered applying for roles at say GCHQ or similar?