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  1. Chit Chat Corner

    Thanks, GND. Was that a freudian slip? Mrs P has now been moved to a local hospital for convalescence and is looking much better.
  2. Chit Chat Corner

    Thanks for the messages, folk. She continues to make good progress.
  3. Chit Chat Corner

    Hi Folk, My wife has had a medical emergency and rushed into hospital where she had an emergency operation or she would no longer be with us. She is now improving each day but is still in hospital. We have been told that full recovery will take up to one year. Fortunately, it will be a full recovery. In light of this, I have decided that she needs much more attention than before and so I will not have the time to take part in this forum. Sorry for not telling everyone earlier but I have had my hands rather full. Bye for now. Pen
  4. Pay to be a PC?

    Give this government time, BR, just give them the time.
  5. Boot Allowance

    Thanks. That shows your boot allowance to be quite reasonable. Just under 4 gallons of petrol, say about £18 a month. Definitely worth having.
  6. Death in a Chimney

    Good advert for the Lakes. Should bring plenty of tourists.
  7. Boot Allowance

    No, it was a bit of exaggeration to emphasise the inflation involved. For instance, my parents bought their house in 1938 for £525 (new). I've seen the receipt. Can you remember what 6/6d would have bought at the time you received it?
  8. Boot Allowance

    And one is at the back of the car?
  9. Boot Allowance

    But 6/6d could buy a house in those days.
  10. Blairs Birthday

    All you need is part of your face, just below the nose.
  11. Blairs Birthday

    I thought a disappearing cream may have been better.
  12. Blairs Birthday

    As old as that? He's still an inexperienced youngster.
  13. In this case, I think it is wild civet coffee.
  14. Lions 2013

    You better not sleep, then, Quokka. Mav has that rare ability to sneak up on people unnoticed.
  15. Blairs Birthday

    The make-up is fading.