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  1. Injury ill health pension

    Not sure how you have got on but I saw the SMP on the 4th February and today have received my letter advising that I will be ill health retired unless I wish to appeal.
  2. Injury ill health pension

    I am in the same postition as you. I have been off sick for almost two years and saw the SMP in January who hardly did any form of examination before stating they would be recommending a medical retirement due to ill health (injury on duty). I also have 17 years in. It seems to be taking forever though. I was told that I should hear something by mid March. I was informed that it was mostly a paperwork exercise with reports being done and then checks that I had no discipline outstanding and then being given a 28 day notice period. I have always been front line and due to an assault I am now classed as having a permanent disability. I am gutted but to be honest the way things are going I feel that I am in the better position to leave now and still be young enough to do something else, I am 40 than to stay and be kicked out eventually. It would be interesting to see how you get on and how long it takes.