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  1. PCSO Recruitment

    Thanks very much, I hope these qualities will strengthen my application. I am going to purchase the books and dvd's on this website as they seem like great resources. I've had mixed feedback regarding the next intake so I guess i'll just keep building my skills and wait for an opportunity. Adam
  2. PCSO Recruitment

    Hi guys, I'm very interested in a career with South Wales Police. I would like to be a PCSO and then possibly transfer to a police constable after a few years. I recently visited the South Wales Police station in Neath to ask some questions to officers regarding the recruitment of PCSOs. When I asked about what the requirements were, I was told there are no academic qualifications required however they do go in your favour. Also to learn the welsh language would be a great benefit to be able to converse with the public from all over South Wales. I was also told that a PCSO needs life skills and was advised to get involved in PACT meetings and voluntary community work I have just started volunteering in a local youth club, 4 hours a week. I am trying to advertise the club around town to invite more youngsters to come along. I will also attend the PACT meetings from now on, and I am using a great online resource for learning welsh; I am 19, and I will be 20 in May. Provided I keep attending the youth club and improving my welsh language skills, will my chances of being recruited be higher? I don't think that age should act as a barrier as I am a very mature, headstrong person determined on getting into the force. Thanks, Adam