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  1. Facebook & other social media

    I am not interesting enough for anyone to tag me or look me up anywhere............. Q
  2. Happy Birthday Croby

    Happy Birthday, Q
  3. Happy Birthday, Westie

    Sorry Westie, belated birthday wishes from me.. xx Q
  4. Logging in to the forum

    Well I just blamed Westie, lol Q
  5. Victoria Wood

    That is sad. Q
  6. Officer seriously injured.

    I hope the officer makes a full recovery. Q
  7. The moans and gripes thread

    That is similar to how i imagine you to be. I would have had the cat crossed with a Tassie devil as i always imagine Bull dogs to have a pink tutu. Q
  8. Oscars

    I think there are a distinct lack of people with glasses (reading not wine) being nominated for Oscars. Q
  9. New National Anthem

    How about The Laughing Gnome by Bowie? Q
  10. Happy Birthday Bikerider

    Happy Birthday mate..xxxx Q
  11. 1st Snows

    We expect it to reach 31c tomorrow. Q
  12. Hobbies

    I love putting together flat pack furniture, i lay out and count all the screws, read the instructions then get down to work, last one i did was a bbq. Q
  13. Hobbies

    Oh you like to bake cup cakes????? :roflroll2: I couldn't jump out of a plane, hats off to anyone who does that. Q
  14. www.ukcrimestats.com

    I always think reading a local newspaper is a good indication of what is going on in any particular area. If you are going to use stats for moving home then i suggest you go to that area and see for yourself what the place is like. There is crime everywhere, and your home is as safe and secure as you make it. Q
  15. yeomanterry

    That would be Campbell Barracks. I couldn't possible divulge how i know.... Q