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  1. Hijack 1

    we, the regular thread hijackers, have been told to stop keeping dying threads open with our nonsensical ramblings, so we will attempt to move here if we start. That means YOU, the sensible chap/ess reading this, have only got yourself to blame if you come here!Kaiser Bill2007-08-18 12:46:24
  2. Impersonating Police

    I see the Mail is running a piece on Hugh Orde regularly wearing an invented uniform with an "ACPO" cap badge. Whats worse is that its a blue CC type, not even his old PSNI greens. Since he isnt a cop anymore, shouldnt he be nicked?
  3. Impersonating Police

    ps I'm aware of the Police Reform Act 2002, I was commenting on the Mail's slant....though I do think Sir Hugh is being a bit sad 96 President of ACPO If a person who holds the office of constable becomes the president of the Association of Chief Police Officers of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, he shall, while he is the president of that Association- (a) continue to hold the office of constable; and ( hold that office with the rank of chief constable.
  4. Hijack 1

    some of my customers have offered me a full body massage in the past...fortunately I've always managed to provide them with one first
  5. It is not an offence to abuse police

    well...I'm always up for some young punk being unpleasant...I got a couple of weeks off work once, breaking a finger prodding a humourist in the chest when offering advice to run along home...I bet his sternum hurt more!
  6. Speedy Muppets 2

    Girl*Next*Door Barrack Room Lawyer Punishment for being drunk Joined: 01 April 2007 Online Status: Online Posts: 14599 Posted: Today at 11:33pm bo**ocks It is being very slow My Blog - Life & times of the girl next door Forum Angel Honest IP Logged
  7. recruit a shed load of Specials. Introduce Reserve Constables a la retained fireman model.....THEN change the law covering Police terms / conditions / pensions / tax / redundancy. When the Fed go to Europe for the right to strike, break the industrial action using the new uniforms
  8. Ch Supt Sandy Padgett

    she was on my shift as a proby - the wife tutored her. All very shocking
  9. Police Medal Review Announced

    I got mine this time last year (late) - I've worn it once at a disciplinary (no, not mine) - I see little point of medals nowadays, when no piece of uniform is available to place the ribbons. Personally, I believe we should be proud - we should go back to the era of Police uniforms in the inter-war years - we should wear rinbbon boards like US cops do - with 1st aid badges, marksmen badges, 5 year service chevrons, (even wound chevrons were displayed in the 1920's-30's) - the whole shebang! It values experience, service to the community, boots morale, gives people targets etc etc . We've become so bland, that 30 years dribbles by without commentKaiser Bill2009-10-06 20:15:44
  10. Kaiser Bill

    thank you all - thats my half century (I'm still depressed!)
  11. Graham

    Well, a light has gone out - my thoughts are with you Crobes - it was plain for all to see you both had a very special relationship. I feel for your heartache
  12. GND

    Its never been the same since Virgil Tracy left her cos she was too short for him
  13. Bye Bye Nu Labour

    if everything gets claimed on expenses, whats their salary for?
  14. Black Rats

    they'll be Black Mice, surely?
  15. The best Joke ever ??????

  16. The best Joke ever ??????

    Well the best things cum in small packages. Allegedly... Oh God..... . I take it all back KB, come back! dont come running to me, you miniature floozy !!
  17. Dotty and NeeNaw's Flirt Thread

    Neenaw trying for (yet another) notch eh?
  18. Climate Change - Are we being conned?

    http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/01/28/nasa_climate_theon/ top proponent of human influence on global warming changes his mind
  19. Forum Awards 2008

    I'd like to nominate the Jezebel ......oh, sorry, thought it said 'for a Brain' - I'll get my coat
  20. Climate Change - Are we being conned?

    Should that not be NER NER' date=' ne NER NER! [/quote'] stop fiddling with my ners
  21. Festive seasons wishes

    I've got the flu Merry Xmas
  22. I couldnt figure where to post this. What I saw made me laugh hysterically then cry. Congratulations on your promotion M .... moderator! thats more than enough to convince me! byeeeeeeeeKaiser Bill2008-10-11 00:53:00
  23. M's lego