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  1. The moans and gripes thread

    I don't think I'd be bragging about that in a public forum !!!!!!! I was wondering why I was getting funny looks at the beach! Whilst we're talking about ice cream, if you ever get the opportunity to try JOE's ice cream - do it! RLM
  2. The moans and gripes thread

    Tommo, your ice cream history knowledge is 2nd to none! Always learnin' RLM
  3. The moans and gripes thread

    What is a 99? I've cream in a cone with a flake. RLM
  4. The moans and gripes thread

    Some schools taken spotted dick off the menu too. Crazy world! RLM
  5. The moans and gripes thread

    I was at the beach yesterday & ordered 2 x 99's for me & my boy. £4.20!! Any1 else remember when a 99 actually cost 99p!? RLM
  6. £10,000 Pay Rise for MP's?

    The PC pay cut of £4k will go towards their £10k increase. Hidden agenda. Ryan
  7. £10,000 Pay Rise for MP's?

    I like peanuts! Ryan
  8. Boot Allowance

    New boots. Ryan
  9. Lions 2013

    How is it madness? It's simple, he won't suit the fast grounds of Aus and the style Gatland wants to play. He's not a natural 7, he suits the way England play bu...
  10. Running Music

    AC⚡DC Foo Fighters Red Hot Chilli Peppers Ryan
  11. Lions 2013

    Completely different story altogether regarding Stevens, could open a huge can of worms. His claim was he took some cocaine to de-stress. If a PC took some to de-stress, would they get their job back after 2 years? (Not expecting an answer!) Ryan
  12. Lions 2013

    Sexton is the current Ireland 10 but picked up injury vs England and missed a few games. Best 10 in northen hemisphere at the mo. Any1 watching the Super Rugby? There are done scarily good Australian backs hitting form. The Lions don't take an uncapped player as a rule, that's the Barbarians. Ryan
  13. Boot Allowance

    I believe they were called "the good ol' days." Ryan
  14. Lions 2013

    Tom Youngs & Dylan Hartley both going. Hartley is lucky. Ryan
  15. Lions 2013

    Drinking at 08:30? Good going! I can't wait for it, sky+ will be handy around that time with shifts etc Dont think I'm off every test. Ryan