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  1. Election and political debate 2015

    It wasn't cops voting Tory that gave this result, it was large numbers of voters of all persuasions who fell for the SNP scare tactic.
  2. Election and political debate 2015

    TM looked mighty hacked off leaving No.10 just having been told she is to stay as Home Sec. Cameron has promoted George Osborne and will look to to groom him for the leaders spot. TM knows crime figures will now start to rise, her budget is to be further slashed, and she will on the balance of probabilities meet a banana skin like most previous incumbents, and blot her leadership chances. This has been done to help his mate George.
  3. Election and political debate 2015

    I think the Scottish Labour Party will break from the rest of the Labour Party and maintain a lose agreement with them, something similar to the arrangement with SDLP in NI. Labour are too right wing for Scotland and too left wing for England. SNP have been far too successful for their own good, if there is such a thing. With a Tory majority in Westminster they wield none of the power they promised their electorate. Austerity will continue in Scotland, trident replacement will have 4 boats in faslane, and disappointed SNP voters will need somewhere to turn. I think this will be an Independent Scottish Labour Party. Just a thought!
  4. Election and political debate 2015

    No,Boris is fine to do both at once, Ken Livingston did both previously. They might hang fire on giving him a cabinet post until his mayoral term finishes next year.
  5. Election and political debate 2015

    Green Party have made no gains, and their leader like Farage has failed to win a seat. Is the Green leaders position untenable?
  6. Election and political debate 2015

    She managed the HO which is a political graveyard for 5 years without dropping the ball. I think she will feel she has earned a move to a less contentious department, as generally all Home Sec's come a cropper, and she will want to avoid exposure to this banana skin. Here's hoping!
  7. Pension - Losers Support Thread

    Thanks Cheese.
  8. Election and political debate 2015

    I wonder will will Mrs May retain the HO?
  9. Election and political debate 2015

    Andrew Mitchell purring on BBC, obviously anticipating a return to the cabinet!
  10. Election and political debate 2015

    The fed should demand an immediate police officer recruitment freeze in the interests of protecting the jobs of current officers.
  11. Election and political debate 2015

    You've lost me Cheese, pray tell?
  12. Election and political debate 2015

    Good job Cameron's delivery men were on a zero hour contract, it will save the treasury a few quid! The LibDem deposits will be their parting contribution to paying down the deficit.
  13. Election and political debate 2015

    With this result Clegg will be gutted he clung on. Later today he will resign his party leadership and have to return to backbench mediocrity. Had he lost his seat he could have been on the Monday morning Eurostar to meet the EU gravy train in Brussels. This will be devastating for such a megalomaniac power grabber. Milliband must surely go also.
  14. Election and political debate 2015

    The referendum gamble has paid off for the Tories, it brought enough support back from UKIP to win, and they can now deliver on the referendum which they know will keep us IN the EU. Once the referendum is over, then so is UKIP. With boundary reform, the demise of UKIP, and in effect all opposition parties for the foreseeable, I think the Tory party will already be looking to 2020 as a cake walk. Mr Cameron may be regretting saying he would not stand for a 3rd term!