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  1. Finally.....

    Cheers M
  2. Finally.....

    Well, It's taken 16 months, but I got the call today telling me I have cleared vetting and to start as a PCSO on May 11th. Still waiting for paperwork, but wondering if there are any others out there in the same boat. For anyone else still waiting to hear wether it's PC or PCSO, I wish you the very best and hope to have similar news regarding my PC application in the not too distant future. Regards MGM_Galtta2009-04-08 21:51:10
  3. Failed my Assessment... try again!

    Frog, Im in the same boat as you. I did my AC in December and failed by a small margin on my reports section, even though I scored well above 85% on all the other sections. It does get easier, I promise you, but that hunger and enthusiasm only get stronger for wanting to get in the job. I still get very envious of any Police Officer I see out patrolling. I also still get that little rush of adrenaline everytime I pass a panda with its lights on thinking "I wish that was me in there..." All I can say is you'er so much better prepared for the next time. Most people say the process is getting easier now adays, but I will have to disagree with that. It's straight forward if you've done it before and know what to expect. But when its your first time, like it was mine, its a different world. I wish you the very best on your next attempt, which I am sure you will succeed in. All the best MG
  4. The results are in.........

    Minty, Get on the phone and speak to someone in Recruitment, and ask them to go through your written work one more time and tell you where you went wrong. I failed on the same section getting 22% from written also, even though I scored well above 70% for all the other sections. It's the most difficult section to pass, dont let it get to you. Find out where you went wrong and you'll be sure to correct it next time. Chin up n all that! Best of luck for next time, keep us posted. MG M_Galtta2009-03-09 22:13:54
  5. Best place to live for newcastle

    M Good point Sammy, PM if you need further info regarding Newcastle. MG
  6. assessment day

    There are minimum marks needed for each section of the Assessment Day, and you need to pass all of them individualy to pass the day as a whole. If you attack the day with commen sense and a possitive attitude, you should be fine. I cannot give you specific information about exactly what to expect, but all I can say is to make sure you know your competencies well and to be able to demonstrate 2-3 positive indicators from each competency tested. Best of luck, let us know how you get on. MG
  7. Best place to live for newcastle

    Do you know where you're posted yet? From there, I'll be able to tell where to go and where to stay away from. MG
  8. Handwriting at AC... CAPITAL LETTERING?

    Very true, 20 mins is a veyr short time to read everything, figure out what to write and to include all the competencies they look for in the right place. Good luck MG
  9. Indoors After They stop you.. Hope that helps
  10. Northumbria PC A/C Feb 2009

    AC Failed by a couple of % Got above 80% for two sections, but failed on one, giving me a fail overall. I am beyod gutted but never dishartened. I ahve been promised by many that most pass in thier secod go, so im wishing the days away now so I can apply in 6 months time. Hope to start as a PCSO in the next month or so, vetting permitting. Best of luck to all those who have applied, applying, and those waiting to hear back. MG
  11. Warwickshire Police

    Im no fitness expert, all I can tell you is that 35kg on a pull or push is not very much. Like I said, some on my fitness test were pushing and pulling well above 90kg. There was one lady who couldn't quite manage to get there on her first attempt but managed it in here 2nd. When do you have your fitness test? Is there anyway you could put some sort of fitness programme together to get your strength up? If you have say 2-3 weeks, then I would start with light weights and then progress to using heavier ones, just to build up more muscle. M_Galtta2009-01-11 12:54:46
  12. Help! How long do I have to wait?

    Mel, I applied in March 2008 and heard back in June regarding an August Assessment Centre. From there you are notified within 21 days of being successful. From there you send back your vetting paperwork, and while your checks are being carried out, you have a medical and fitness test. Once passing that, you will get a start date subject to passing security. All in all, should take between 6-9 months, sometimes 12 months. Good luck. MG
  13. Warwickshire Police

    Bicep and Tricep Curls.....but I wouldn't worry about it, most people get well above 50 - 60 kg, even above 100kg, so passing 34-35kg shouldnt be a problem. Good luck with it. MG
  14. starting 2 feb

    Im very jealous..... Best of luck, I hope to be in your shoes in the not too distant future. MG
  15. The season of Goodwill

    I'll bid you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas (And No, I've not said that in the wrong order, I'm Coptic Orthodox, and we celebrate Christmas on January 6th....!) Best wishes to all. MG