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  1. Flint House

    Excellent, thanks for that.
  2. Flint House

    Evening ladies and gentlemen, Haven't been on here for a while, so my forum etiquette isn't what it used to be. I have been a little silly and went and injured myself. As a result work want me to go to Flint house. As much as I do not want to sound like a spoiled child, I am a little worried about going. Can I have guests visit? What actually happens there? What is there to do of an evening and/or weekend? Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, If it is, could one of the admin please move to the appropriate.
  3. Ah, that's alright then!!

    if the daily mail says it, it must be right....
  4. Essex Police - What a mess

    I know of an officer in essex who sat in an office for a month squeezing detections out of jobs that had been closed for up to a year. He got almost 60 detections from this and was praised from those above, saying he was a shining example. So all we have to do is not leave the office for a month to be seen as a good officer in Essex??? And all these years I thought policing was about the prevention of crime, not the waiting for it to happen and catching them after...
  5. Speed Cameras

    What about the ACPO guidelines?? We where specifically given these, which allows a margin for 'speedometer error' and of course so that the law is in the MOPs favour. Or was this just Essex? haha
  6. Your favourite shift...

    We're on 0600-1600, 1600-0200 and 2200-0600 two of each followed by four rest days. Each early shift seems to last about a week, The lates are cut short due to the last four hours spent in the station. The idea was so that between 2200-0200 there are twice as many officers out. All good and well, but the resources don't exist to support this. My patch is made up of 7 or 8 large villages/small towns. Without cars it's impossible to patrol these as there is no public transport after 2200. We can't even work our allocated jobs as most MOPs are asleep. Nights... They're the most interesting to work from the perspective of jobs coming in, but I hate sleeping during the day, and inevitably all that can be done is arrest the suspect, and handover for eary turns as solicitors and such take so damned long to get out during these hours. I guess these are my favourite. Except rest days, as someone so sensibly pointed out earlier Jimmy_Filth2007-08-11 13:18:19
  7. Never attribute to malice...

    This link has caused the biggest argument I have ever seen. Except the Essex is a mess thread. actually, that wasn't an argument, that was everyone agreeing... anyways, about the video... Before you even get to how the police dealt with the MOP, you have to admit that the two officers body language was appauling. Strolling up with hands in pockets and such took away any authority they had before opening their mouths. Then to tell him to put the camera away and saying it was an offence... Why not go for the much more basic 'Can I help you sir?' I think these two may of been on shift for a whi;e and picked up bad habits. Where I work you can tell a probationer a mile off because they don't put their hands in the pockets, they refer to everyone as 'sir' or 'ma'am' and still have creases in their uniform. When it comes to appearence the probationers tend to be better than the 'old sweats'. Of course their practical law knowledge may not be up to scratch...
  8. CB Radios

    We've been told we can't use our Airwaves while driving, we have to use the handsfree sets in the car, or get the officer in the passenger seat to be a radio opp.
  9. stop and search me......

    Wait, is he trying to say the the police AREN'T racist??? but all the papers tell me the opposite.... They should put that film on the BBC.
  10. CB Radios

    There must be some traffic law regarding a six foot aerial somewhere. I recall being told at some point that massive aerials where against some sort of rule, but I my of dreamt that. plus it's probably just an FPN, and the owner of the aerial wouldn't pay it and then te courts wouldn'tbother with it.... haha
  11. I know, I know, this is an old old topic now, and many people are getting bored. Before I start, there are a lot of PCSOs' that do a good job in interacting with the community, they know a lot of our 'punters', but as they're known to not be police can be a good meeting point between us and them. On the other hand we get ones that give everyone a bad name. This is a story of one.... Was at a friends party a little while ago. Didn't know many people there, which suited me as Iwas quite content to just chill out. I'm sitting in the lounge with a drink, when I start listening to a conversation between a group of people, led mainly by a guy i've never met. He's saying about how he's in the police and was clearly excited about it, telling how he is singlehandedly stopping crime, and how he joined cos he wanted to serve the community and such. I get a bit interested as it is always nice to meet someone from the job. I move over to sit with them. The guy is still going on about how great it is to be in the police. I ask him if he works for Essex and he says no, and tells me it's City he's in. I ask him what he does and he just says 'police'. I ask how long he's been in and he says not long. I'd guessed that from the fact that not only was he speaking about it so eagerly, but he was talking about it at a party. I ask where he's stationed and if I can see his badge as I've never seen the City crest before. 'No, we don't get badges, that's only metpol'. That's funny. I don't work for metpol, I have a badge. Albeit a crappy plastic one. I ask him about his training and he tells me he did four weeks in the classroom then the rest of it on the streets. This doesn't sound right. I again ask him what role he plays and again, his answer is 'I'm police'. I just offhand make the comment 'That's funny, my training took 34 weeks, and only a relatively small part was outside a classroom'. He just looks at me and asks 'you in the police?' 'Yeah I am, stationed at *******, on *-Shift NST.' He asks 'You a PCSO or PC?' 'I'm a PC' I reply. All of a sudden he just clams up and won't say anything. By this point I realise that he's a PCSO, (which, for the record I have no problem with, like I say, a lot of them do a good job, and it's a pretty hard job too, seeing as they have no real powers), so I walk off. I found out later, after I walked off he spent a long time sl*gging me off. Everytime I've met him since he sl*gs me off to anyone that listens. It shouldn't annoy me, and I should rise above it, but it's really annoying. I apologise fo any spelling mistakes my wirless keyboard is running out of batteries and I can't find replacements. I am also aware that this is a bit of a pointless thread but it really really got to me. haha
  12. Stopping vehicles by PCSO's?????

    Where I work PCSO's aren't allowed to drive marked vehicles, which stops most of them pulling cars over. Although there is talk of getting big magnets to stick on marked vehicles that point out that it's a PCSO driving. Shockingly bad idea. How long do they think these magnets will last. Plus, we barely have enough vehicles for the PC's. In fact, most of the PCs' don't have the correct driving courses for their role either. My station has three cars, at least one of which is constantly T6'd, but that doesn't matter as we only have one respons driver on my shift. And we're an NST. That's another story. I have seen PCSOs' pull cars over when they're on footpatrol, It just comes dow nto the fact that some of tehm think they're police...
  13. Domestic TOMV

    i guess that's why he's a solicitor and not a police officer...
  14. Public paid to make false crime reports

    'Stephen Peart, the force's business change project officer, said: "It is not designed to catch people out, nor is it designed as a tool for discipline. ' then why are they doing it? Surely if they catch someone being racist or homophobic they have been 'caught out' and they'll be disciplined?? And this is on top of the fact it's a monumental waste of time. Does anyone above Pc or Ps level have common sense left anymore???
  15. ok, quick question about MOT on foreign cars... Can I drive an american car, on american plates, in this country without an MOT??? You can drive a car from europe, as long as it is registered over there, in england, and don't need to pay tax or get an MOT to drive it, so is this different with a yank?? I've been told you can drive an american registered car on the road in this country for 12 months before you need to register it with the DVLA. any answers would be greatly appreciated.