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  1. Increment freeze-Had us over AGAIN!

    To be honest I feel as if I've missed something here??? I'm sure that for the last few months it's been stated on many an occassion that the increment freeze and it's implementation hadn't been decided. There were rumours that when it was lifted people would be kept back on the same pay they were before but then there was strong argument that when it was lifted you would jump up to the salary you should be on. Now it seems to have slipped in somewhere that it will be lifted but you will stay on the same pay scale you were two years ago. Ridiculous. If nothing else it's going to be chaotic with people who have 11 years service being paid an 8 year PC's salary, new joiners on a different pay scale etc,
  2. Increment freeze-Had us over AGAIN!

    Nice for this information to be sent out to the masses. To most of us it's just confirming the obvious but from what we'd been told by the fed this hadn't even been discussed yet. If it has then really they should be keeping the members informed on mass.
  3. New Pay Scales

    He won't answer.
  4. New Pay Scales

    Try Will Riches at the CCC, they are a much better alternative to the current top brass and answer your emails expeditiously.... Three weeks and still not even as much as an acknowledgment.
  5. Crime Everything

    It's that time of year where all forces are releasing their crime figures and it's no surprise to hear it's down massively again. In fact I read in one report that it's down by half from ten years ago. What do people put this down to? With the police service in apparent chaos with all the cuts and low moral how is it that we're achieving such great results? Surely it's not all down to the "we just get on with it" attitude? Especially when you consider the loss in numbers and our own first hand experience of not having the staff to police as effectively as we did even three years ago. It's not like society has turned a new leaf either. Unemployment within todays youth is as high as it's ever been and one persons respect for another deteriorates by the day. I certainly don't think society in general is any better than it was ten years ago and would hand on heart say it's worse. So why is crime down? Of course the real kick in the teeth is the banding around of these figures from senior managers will just highlight to the government how effective these cuts have been. And how they should cut deeper. Armed with the fact that crime is reducing rapidly, and taking my police hat off, as a member of public I'd have to agree. The problem is why is this happening? I know of lots of horror stories about members of the public phoning up for crime numbers and being fobbed off by call handlers who guard the issue of a crime number like the crown jewels but surely that problem isn't so ingrained that it's severely distorting the figures?
  6. Crime Everything

    We will see. I have a thorough understanding of fraud, how it has been recorded and how it will be in the future. Did you know there is a home office circular that many forces follow around fraud whereby it doesn't have to investigated if it's not in the public interest?
  7. Crime Everything

    fraud of all kind is on the increase big time. Action fraud is a total scam to suppress the figures being recorded correctly.
  8. New Pay Scales

    The answer is over 40% off members did vote and the vast majority voted yes. That was and is more than enough to act upon. The 50% rule is a joke. Which feeds nicely in to the pay scales argument. There are so many differing circumstances now for individual officers that to get a united front is impossible. One percentage will be struggling because of a pay freeze, one will be at the start of their career, some will be in their final ten hoping they make it to the end as is. There literally are dozens of different circumstances so to get overworked 50% voting was impossible. What should have happened is whatever the result we should have acted on it. As we have all said, everyone had the chance to apparently, it was a yes vote by a landslide and those who didn't vote only have themselves to blame.
  9. New Pay Scales

    Can't argue with the opportunity being there for all to vote. Ultimately it's pointless arguing over. Enough people voted yes that they should have pursued the right for industrial rights. It was a yes or no vote so that that didn't vote should have been ignored. You then go with the result of the ballot, which was categorically a yes vote. The unprecedented fifty per cent criteria was a farce.
  10. The national Federation Conference

    To a degree I agree with the above and I think the biggest problem with the manipulation of crime figures right now is from within. Too many managers are more interested in their own careers than they are about doing the right thing morally. crime is going up but the figures are going down. Those benefiting are the government and police managers who are forcing the figures down with inaccurate crime recording. The losers are the public and the police service who will have their benefits and numbers cut on the results of inaccurate statements that say crime is down and our communities are safer.
  11. New Pay Scales

    And there lies the problem. Fed can say they couldn't be bothered to vote and we will say that that the system was flawed. Ultimately the fed got what they wanted. No one could possibly argue that they wanted a yes vote and the reason they didn't want industrial rights was to protect their own jobs.
  12. The national Federation Conference

    I think Williams sounds like totally the wrong man for the job. However, he doesn't represent all inspectors. Some do care about their troops and haven't sold their soul to the corporate/political disease that is ruining the police service. It wasn't that long ago that your gene hunts etc were your typical inspector and some still do exist.
  13. Police Federation?

    I hope you're right. Many of us haven't even had an acknowledgment that our email was received from Mr Riches. This flies in the face of the too busy excuse when he has the time to respond to black rat so promptly and in depth.
  14. When you look at and drill down the "special status" the federation want to protect is nothing more than the fed wanting to protect their special status. Industrial rights would mean unions and the end of the fed. It's little wonder they opposed the ballot and put in an unprecedented 50% voting threshold without consulting members. Back to the special status, it hasn't stopped any of these government cuts and has actually made us an easier target that's been treated worse than any other public sector organisation.
  15. Police Federation?

    Thanks. Very interesting to get an inside personal view on the the fed leadership. Basically confirms what we all now know. That we are led by politicians, not people who will fight our cause. As for local feds. In the main we're all supportive of them and don't necessarily level our criticism at them. It's those at the top who have failed us. As for Mr Riches and the CCC. Who knows what that is all about but the silence speaks volumes. By this time next week they will all be back singing off the same hymn sheet.