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  1. First Class Idiot

    Anyway as Pen has said, back on topic. Is there anything else to add to this discussion. MAD MAX2008-11-27 20:07:27
  2. First Class Idiot

    Thats probably the content of Baldricks apple crumble
  3. First Class Idiot

    Thats Spooky, I was thinking the same thing and you beat me to it
  4. Excellent story Shootist, I particularly liked this bit Quote:- "At a sentencing hearing at Nottingham Crown Court, a judge described his injuries as "an occupational hazard".
  5. Uniform Dating Free Offer

    Be careful ladies, they may tell you online they are, 6ft, muscular and resemble Sean Bean, and you arrange to meet, and when you do..........
  6. First Class Idiot

    I think I'll take that as a rare compliment.
  7. First Class Idiot

    Your a bad man Shootist
  8. First Class Idiot

    Was it one of mine Pen?
  9. First Class Idiot

    Sigh yourself !!!! Read why he was moved, its about the pornographic material he sent, its about his unprofessional behaviour. Its in the national news. Talking to a DCI today in PSD, if he had been in our force he would have been out on his ear. I'm getting bored now with your repetative comments. I have made my point, I do not accept your viewpoint in the slightest and its now dinner-time. See if there is anyone else you can argue the toss with