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  1. pouches

    Lifeventure....I'll give it a go. Cheers for that.
  2. pouches

    Tried the zulu stuff before. Not bad but didn't last. Belt loop tore and corners went. Might need webbing!
  3. pouches

    Havent tried them, but viewed them. Dont think they come totally weatherproof. They close with a clasp and are relatively open at the sides. Have used berghaus, and they were good, but zippers dont last.
  4. pouches

    Anybody know of a make of beltpouch that lasts more than a year? Zip has just gone in my last. 8 months old. Tried button clasp closing ones, but they let too much rain in after a while. This might be the holy grail, but worth a shot.
  5. PSNI Transfer's 2013

    Con cop, take it you know you can claim when canteens aren't available and your outside limits etc? Sometimes dogfood is all available so you dont want to be paying for it!
  6. PSNI Transfer's 2013

    Constable cop ... your take on the finance code and entitlements is interesting. Tight arses, eh? Buy nothing from who? Dog food? Just doesnt add up at all.
  7. PSNI Transfer's 2013

    Alas, the white fiver is dead. Long live the receipt and the claim...
  8. PSNI Transfer's 2013

    Can only echo the wiseman Oscarwhisky. I will say though that if you do join then your colleagues will support you in the year or more you will need to get accustomed. I would always encourage people to join. If you have it in you, then don't pass it. I know colleagues who left the job, went to other forces, other countries even, but they came back. You'll police like no other country, and you will regret not giving it a try. I am guilty of being proud and satisfied with my job. I do it for me, because I like it. The threat to me is relative. Be switched on, develop instinct, look for the players and you can reduce the danger on and off duty. You won't eliminate it. Unfortunately officers have died, and probably will die at the hands of murderers. We have lost too many officers through road traffic incidents as well. As I have stated before, read our history, because that will become yours as well. Remember those who have gone before. Respect their memories. It is a hard job at times. Other times you will laugh till you cry. Banter is second to none and a coping mechanism. You will be joining at a very busy time. If you have families then you MUST explain to them the reality of long hours and cancelled rest days. Your family will become your rock hopefully. A happy homelife is just as important as enjoying your work. You will meet those who say the job is f*$#ed. (And this does not relate to Winsor) They have been saying this since RIC days. In my experience these people don't contribute anything positive and can never put their case across (unlike some very interesting posters on these forums whether we agree or not.) Oh, and before I go, keep your boots clean, trousers pressed, don't kick your shirt around before you wear it, gunbelt buckle at the front, keep your gun clean, get a rain cover for your hat, order public order gear as soon as, keep fit, don't eat the paninis or chips, and for God's sake keep your body armour on.
  9. PSNI assistance during G8

    Seems to me that this government is like a weed. If you want to remove it go for the roots. What do your local political reps say about this? Would be awful if increased crime rates were left at their door. I know from reading the situation in Northern Ireland that pay and conditions don't concern the public. Ordinary crime (excepting terrorism that is ) causes hysteria. The government is concentrating the argument on pay, cos they know they have public opinion on their side. That bit needs to change. Cameron and co have u turned before under public pressure. Can see large financial inducements coming to some forces that meet targets for G8. Further divide and conquer.
  10. PSNI assistance during G8

    Degsy 24. If we weren't doing G8 they'd find plenty for us to do instead. That time of year is crap for leave anyway. And if I was at home, the missus would find me plenty to do as well...with no payment.
  11. PSNI assistance during G8

    A lot of what is said in any forum is a release of steam. If you have politicians riding roughshod over people who cannot show overt oppostion then they will gather, talk, and plot especially peelers. The issue is what we could do, what we might do...not necessarily what we will do. Plus we can wind each other up as well. Wouldn't it be boring if we all agreed? We are a very small community in the broad scheme of things. Better to mess one hundred thousand about than two million dole recipients.
  12. PSNI Transfer's 2013

    Guys best of luck to you all. Hope you make it, like it and get settled.
  13. PSNI assistance during G8

    I'm sure the powers that be will keep you all safe. You might even be allowed to bring your teddy bears.
  14. PSNI assistance during G8

    Ivetoldyouonce.... you're not coming then?
  15. PSNI assistance during G8

    It isn't fun. Can't imagine why you would say that, even tongue in cheek. That's discipline. That's being careful. That's a way of life. That is being a Police Officer. I'm not going to cry about it. I volunteered, I wasn't pressed. I don't look for sympathy or understanding. Just get on with it. That is why I would encourage people to come here. Make up their on minds. I certainly won't be telling my Mainland colleagues that they will be targets and adding to the hype. Now, that might not be what you want to read, and you may have a differing view. But the reality as I have experienced and I can give my opinion on is that the violence is nowhere near what it used to be.