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  1. Criminal record but not mine!

    Thanks for the input. I'm close to sending in my application form. I am going to put in an additional note with the information to just be on the safe side
  2. Have the application form...

    Hi, I read somewhere that someone being 'insensitive' a person pushing into a queue at a shop or theme park. i thought that was a really good pointer to think back to situations to suit the question. hope this helps. Natalie
  3. Criminal record but not mine!

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and in need of some advice. I am applying to be a PCSO. On the application it requests all details of family and your spouse's family. My half sister has a criminal record. Will this effect my application?? I'm so worried about it. I don't talk to my her and live 150 miles from her. Please help me :-( Cheers