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  1. Custody Suite Death PC Sentenced

    Seriously One thing about police oracle is that any of us looking forward to a career in the police can learn a lot from the posts and experiences aired on the site, hopefully this may forearm us for the future. Thanks!
  2. passed assessment

    Good for you and good luck! Anybody know why they don't have a final interview?
  3. Spot the Differences

    Very funny, theres now a hole in my screen where I hit it with a can of carlsbergcamsey362007-03-25 02:49:27
  4. passed assessment

    Good luck for interview
  5. waiting for a reply...

    I read somewhere that GMP would have around 1600 applicants so it might be wise to wait another couple of months at least. Anyone please correct me if I am wrong on the 1600! Good luck .camsey362007-03-21 00:28:41
  6. second chance

    my first police application was rejected, I was gutted. After leaving it alone for some months, I had another good look and realised how the feed back fitted. It wasn't that the assesor had got it wrong. I myself had got it wrong and communicated myself badly, not taking into consideration the person marking doesn't know me, or might not appreciate the situations that I present in my answers. With one of the competencies being resilience and also being armed with the fact that a lot worse things are likely to happen to me in the police than failing a application I decided to see it as a test and a challenge and decided to come back stronger. I am not saying they don't get it wrong and I realise by appealing you are showing resiliance. But try not to take feedback personally as the papersift will only show a small part of you, no application can measure your full potential. Good luck with the appeal .camsey362007-03-21 00:21:13
  7. Recruitment

    Boxman, What about North Yorkshire, Headquaters at Northalerton, it's a bit nearer. I think North Yorkshire recruit at the end of the year though. I know what you mean about the pcso route, and also there is the financial side to consider. Best of luck
  8. information please !!

    Storm Don't think about failing, concentrate on getting through assesment. (I know its good to have a contingency plan). Recruitment give you plenty of time to make any decisions and some are a great help. Good luck !
  9. Verbal Reasoning...Disagree!!

    Sorry I didn't mean to discourage you, just making you aware of what to expect. I'm sure you will do ok, you seem like a smart cookie and your not afraid to ask.
  10. Verbal Reasoning...Disagree!!

    Its possible some people do sail through. However the vast majority who apply fail. The force I applied for, 930 applied 131 went to assesment and only 25 got through. If you look at forces such as GMP 1600 apply for 160 jobs . There is a lot to be said for being well prepared.
  11. A/C 7th March

    Storm, I was also worried about the written tests and tried to prepare myself the best I could by reading and writing more, the westshire pack I found was good material for this exercise. During the test imagine my horror when I had just finished reading the brief and was prepared to start writing when the words "you have ten minutes to go". This was made worse by the fact that the person next to me was onto his third page ( He failed on diversity ). As the mod says its not the quantity but the substance. Good luck pal.
  12. Verbal Reasoning...Disagree!!

    The man who was sacked from the factory may have started the fire. Its true he MAY have started the fire, however its imposible to say that he DID start the fire. (The diffrence is in the word may or did). I passed my assesment last year and don't worry not every question in verbal reasoning is like that. I'm sure you will be ok. Assesment day can be very challenging and exhausting, but some people can also get a lot out of it. Good luck! camsey362007-02-27 17:32:27
  13. You wanna be careful

    BELT UP YOU KNOT JUGGLER! Its knot fair, it alwayys happens to me Boo Hoo
  14. development of new police vehicle

    No response, Not even abuse, Im gutted. Got to have a sense of humor though!
  15. Letter Bomb Boy

    Disgruntled could be somebody's fetish Graham. After all its takes all sorts to make a world.