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  1. An interesting read on being the only cop in town,
  2. Australian Police and Law Enforcement

    Ten years in Birdsville with a patrol area the size to the U.K., Enjoy your retirement, Senior Constable McShane.
  3. Hello from NSW

    Hi Paul, welcome to the forum. Your comment that you served in a small outback town reminded me of this bloke, Cheers.
  4. Last days - What Happens

    Will your Station Social Club and the Police Federation give you a 'Send Off'
  5. I haven't head of any Australian Police Officers wanting to move to a UK Police Force but during the period that South Australia and Western Australia were recruiting in the UK for experienced police officers there was no shortage of applicants. The same applies to members of the UK Armed Forces who came to Australia in droves as a result of Australian Defence Force recruiting in the UK In terms of skilled migration it is definately a one way street from the UK to Australia.
  6. newbie to the forum

    Welcome, so with 30 years in the job you will be old like me, however I'm retired.
  7. Very cold weather in the USA

    Here in my part of Australia we are still in Autumn with the temp at 25% C which for me is just nice; having just came out of the summer heat of 38% C. The last time I saw snow was up in the High Country about 30 years ago. The lowest temp I have ever experienced was 3% C
  8. compare and contrast: UK and Canada

    Talking of Canada, this photo was taken in Vancouver during some civil disturbances; excellent swing and stance by the officer,
  9. Changing Rooms and Privacy

    I take your point that if a male had entered a female change room the reactions would have been a lot different, however if a female entered our change rooms then there would be 'No Worries'
  10. G4S announce nuclear capabilities

    In so far as government contracts would go, I don't think G4S will be invited for morning tea.
  11. Olympics (general)

    Fair go, how would you feel after just parachuting out of an aircraft, word is that she had a hard landing due to wind direction.
  12. Jury Service for Police Officers

    So was I. In my part of the world police officers are prohibited from jury service.
  13. Back you go!

    I like living in Australia all of the time.
  14. Australian Police and Law Enforcement

    The above quoted link is dead, here is a new one,
  15. Congratulations to member of the Victoria Police and also to your Police Association. Well done and well deserved. http://www.heraldsun...2-1226175629634