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  1. Recruitment - with strings!

    You can't get a qualification in common sense...................... As Police Officers we should represent the communities we serve, from all walks of life, not just from University.
  2. Yes indeed MP, I'm a top rate PC and a tutor, I love tutoring and currently doing the role as we speak. The quality of the once great British Police Force is going to go down the toilet if all these proposals go through, just imagine in 5 years time all the experience of top earning PC's being "severed" leaving probbies and young in service to keep the country safe. You cannot put a figure or sum on experience.
  3. Thats why I feel deflated and gutted Daza......lost for words, no-one apart from us realise what we do.
  4. I feel deflated and gutted. I love my job and my colleagues I serve with, the ones on a dark night when we attend a housing estate with back up 15 miles away to sort out a domestic with violence not knowing if they or us are going to be threatened with our lives. The true untold stories of our role as warranted officers, the feeling in my stomach as I walk towards the front door thinking of my 2 young boys and wife asleep at home hoping I get home in one piece, hoping they next time I see them I wont be in hospital or worse, but yet I still open that door, put them first, to preserve life and limb, that's why I joined, that's the rsponsibility of my warranted role and I'm proud to do that....................
  5. Shooting/Riots

    On a side note I'm sure for statistical purposes this will be a violent disorder rather than a riot.
  6. Shooting/Riots

    26 Police Officers injured, my thoughts are with you all, hoping for a speedy recovery. A huge round of applause from me to you and your PSU/TSG Officers trying your hardest to protect life and property. WELL DONE
  7. Shooting/Riots

    Watching SKY news totally and utterly miffed at how this country has gone down the toilet. Mindless scum who blame the police for the shooting of a male with a firearm in a public place taking a shot which is only inches away from the death of a police officer... I just dont get it. Any other country the Police would be applauded for protecting the public in this way. MP's can't have it both ways, Teresa May and the rest stating "it won't be tolerated", On the oher hand you and HMG are going to shaft us financially. What do the people of GB want from their Police Force??. Dammed if we do dammed if we don't. WE ARE FINISHED!!!!!!!
  8. Shooting/Riots

    Mave just read the Telegraph article, blimey his airwave saved his life, very very lucky we are not mourning the death of a brother this morning. Case closed!!!!
  9. Shooting/Riots

    No problems with that........what about CPS too??
  10. NICHE Computer system

    I wonder if Suffolk use it then
  11. Shooting/Riots

    It was reported on television last night that the deceased fired first...............In times of cuts and no money and increased pension contributions cant we save £1000's in not having a lengthy enquiry. I'm all for transparency but come on, if you carry a firearm in public let alone discharge it expect to be shot and killed for the protection of all. Come on IPCC save the public purse.
  12. Pen, already have , sent link to crew partner. Just aware that the majority of newer recruits have no idea whats happening and in my experience they dont seem to care
  13. PC's sacked