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  1. 5 Word Story (2)

    in case they saw their
  2. 5 Word Story (2)

    gents instead & forced all
  3. 5 Word Story (2)

    the ladies toilet & caused Ah ok, thanks!
  4. 5 Word Story (2)

    made a disgusting mess on Is there still a messaging thing on here? Want to say sorry to Pemby
  5. Hi guys (& girls), Very sorry if this the wrong part of the forum to put this in (& mods feel free to move it), you know I'm genuine. I just wanted a bit of advice regarding getting emails that aren't threatening in a physical way but are very hurtful & threatening that things will be sent to friends & family. Just what, if anything can be done about them? And would it be a police matter? The emails use obscene language if that helps & although they don't say they are going to do anything to me, they just graphically state what they want to see done to me. It's really upsetting & just want to check if I can do anything as no matter what I say they won't go away. I've thought about blocking them, but ignoring them makes them threaten to contact other people & they've set up another email address. Please advise.
  6. Advice please re malicious emails

    No that's fine, thank you. I know that I shouldn't talk about it on here really & that the whole story needs to be heard for accurate advice to be given. Just wanted to know a general consensus before I say anything to this person as in "I will get the police involved", just in case they have done their research & know that nothing can be done. As it's getting to the point where I think a threat of other involvement is all that will stop them.
  7. 5 Word Story (2)

    because she'd finally beaten her
  8. 5 Word Story (2)

    I'm all good, thanks! who have great big hairy
  9. 5 Word Story (2)

    who was very good at
  10. Jinkies Birthday

    Unfortunately Pen I am still in that wretched office that I was in before. Not for want of trying, but I get very nervous in interviews (& I've tried the "imagine your interviewer naked" trick) Still 9 years to 40 & I am making the most of them!!!
  11. 5 word story

    spread onto the back of
  12. 5 word story

    in a sticky substance, resembling
  13. Jinkies Birthday

    Thank you! Yes 'tis I...Jinkies! Thanks Mav for highlighting my age there
  14. where has everyone gone?

    Jinkies is back!!!...sort of (Stirrer in Chief????? ) There was an issue with internet at home & also my work is ridiculously busy so don't get a chance there anymore. Plus recently, had a bit more of a problem at home over the last 2 months, which can't really be discussed on here, much as I'd like to have a rant
  15. 3ws The Manner House

    an amazing sensation Hello again!
  16. Graham

    Just read my email from M informing me of this awful news. I can't believe it, Rest in Peace Graham, it was great bantering with you xx
  17. GND

  18. 3ws The Manner House

    laughed so hard
  19. H

    I'm off too. Sleepy Jinkies. Have been to the gym every day this week!!!
  20. GND

    I have been away too long. My influence is needed....
  21. 3ws The Manner House

    especially with cheese
  22. H

  23. GND

  24. 3ws The Manner House

    which wobbled & I like my definition better...
  25. H