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    Osvic I agree, further to the above, now the Fed have just rolled over we have no chance in the future.

    I think what we got this year was poor, but the way Labour are pouring money down the drain, the current economic climate, and the Govt's disrespect for us we would not have got any more. The issue from my point is the three year deal. <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> It is one thing to get a poor deal this year, but to be tied to three years is unacceptable. This is where we have been let down. . whatsgoinon22008-10-16 17:47:54

    The good old Fed, they realy showed the Govt this time. What a waste of time.
  4. I am sick of goverments saying they will 'get tough' and 'give us the powers we need' blah blah blah etc etc etc. I have said this before and still satnd by my comments send the scum to gaol. It does not matter how full they are, pack them in like the Americans do. Let hard time be hard time and it may make some of them think in the future. I don't care who they are or how hard they think they are, they do not want gaol and laugh at these stupid community sentences. I read this case in the paper today and it was his defence solicitor who suggested to the Mags that as the gaols were full they could not send him to gaol. I think if I was on the bench it would have been 'unlucky 6 months' and you can share with him.whatsgoinon22008-02-27 01:25:57
  5. More Red Tape hell on it's way?!!!

    One problem with forms like this will be that some officers will avoid stopping groups of youths so that they dont have to stand there for 1/2 an hour form filling. Hence we will lose vital contact with people and intelligence. Or they simply will not fill the form in and leave themselves open to neglect of duty or performance complaints. If we stop anyone in my force we fill in an encounter form similar to a PACE 1, I believe this is a national thing, if the person (adult or child) is not recorded on our force system then we have to create them to enter the form on the system. I personally would not want my child or other family members recorded on the system just because they were spoken to for a non criminal matter. The next time they get checked it will come accross the radio 'recorded CIS' this puts it in cops minds that they have been in trouble before. We have been (alegedly) cutting red tape and paperwork since I joined but every day there is 'Just one more thing' it is no wonder cops spend 1/2 their shifts sitting in front of a computer. Its a worry .whatsgoinon22008-02-20 13:21:15
  6. 2007 Police Pay Offer is in...

    It is a small step in the right direction, but it will probably be the only step the government take. It will be a spin exercise they will be saying 'at least we have been flexible'. I am still not holding my breath for the full amount and still worry about what the future holds.
  7. 2007 Police Pay Offer is in...

    I have worked out how we can get our pay rise backdated without there being an effect on the economy. Ban TV game shows. I estimate around £30m will be given away this year in game shows like Golden Balls, Who wants to be a Millionaire and Deal or no Deal. Therefore if this money is not put back into the economy then we could all have our £200 each. Just a suggestion to Smith and McNumpty. On a more serious note I think 3 year pay deals are a big mistake, inflation is set to rocket over the next year with utility bils alone the last thing we need is a three year pay cut which is what we would be getting. I am travelling to London on 23rd with 400 from my force and am looking forward to it. It may or may not get us what we want bit at least we are doing something to show our feelings.
  8. 2007 Police Pay Offer is in...

    It just shows how two faced he is (mcnulty), he laughed in our faces the other week on breakfast TV. He will never be ashamed as he just thinks of himself and no one else just like all the other politicians. I hope they enjoy their 10% pay deal. I e-mailed my MP Fraser Kemp (Labour) two weeks ago asking for his backing on the pay deal and asking for an appointment at his surgery, I still have not had a reply, says it all.whatsgoinon22007-12-27 19:39:53
  9. 2007 Police Pay Offer is in...

    Yes march planned for January 23 rd I think (left my diary at work) just got notice from FED yesterday, already booked a leiu day, If there are enough on I might get to go.
  10. 2007 Police Pay Offer is in...

    Lets face it the real issue here is not the money, £30m is noithing either to the economy or the government, it is as tester to see how far we can be pushed. The Govt. are making so many excuses it is embarrasing. Even from my point of view £200 would be nice but it is not a life changing sum of money. But it is the principle that has got my back up. I do not believe they will back down they are far too arrogant so we need to decide whether we take this on the chin or make a stand. I know there will not be full solidarity by officers but it won't take much to cause severe disruption.whatsgoinon22007-12-16 10:46:17
  11. 2007 Police Pay Offer is in...

    Watching the news some bloke came on speaking generally about the Government finances, he was saying that Labour has borrowed so much money that they are struggling financially. They have also bailed Northern Rock out to the tune that it has cost every tax payer £900. Our pay offer is just one way they are trying to balance the books for their inept management of funds. I see on Sky today that there are going to be fuel blockades and protests due to the recent hikes in fuel duty. Again another way of making money to balance the books. Who will be policing these blockades and protests, US, putting our selves in the firing line to support government policies. I wont be there as I am handing my PSU bag in.
  12. New Northunbria Uniform

    The trousers look practical but the t-shirts look cold and snug fitting, i can't wait to see some old fat police in them, very fetching.
  13. 2007 Police Pay Offer is in...

    I have wrote to my MP Fraser Kemp, I have asked him if I can have an appointment to see him personally, or if he can provide details of his next public meeting etc. I have not had a reply yet, mind he is lobour so I don't expect one.
  14. 2007 Police Pay Offer is in...

    I have just watched breakfast news on BBC with Jan Berry. She put a good case, they then interviewed McNulty via video link who agreed we could not take legal action, the presenter then said but they can take some industrial action, he came back with a snide comment which he seemed amused about saying well actually they can't, he overall demeanour was one of total contempt. What a prat. I know we cannot take action etc but I am all for handing in specialisations such as firearms and public order kit bags, I know if this is not settled mine will be going back. I have always said I do not want the right to strike. I have now changed my mind as it gets worse every year and we need some protection.whatsgoinon22007-12-12 07:35:57
  15. Burglar injured in fall

    I don't fear what a burglar might do to me if I caught one in my house when my family are at home. I fear what I would do to them to defend my property and family and how the law would treat me. It's a worry.