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  1. A shock reminder for him when he was a Pc on the streets and the abuse we still have to put up with while at work!
  2. Another YouTube gem...

    Most of them but not all are like this. Very funny
  3. No longer the job that I joined......

    That is correct management deal with those by speaking to them individually. We have a boss who paints everyone with the same brush when only about two people have problems dressing smartly out of 30 people. It is very POOR management and the OCU commander in your OCU clearly needs to attend a management couse just like our boss! It gets the whole team down bad management, you are an example of this.
  4. Death Driver

    Remember when this was first reported by our accurate press. Headlines read "Police Officer Kills Pedestrian whilst delivering a takeaway" Now the investigation is complete the true story comes out. It just sums up the media.
  5. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  6. Covert body armour: thoughts..

    No I havent Cockneybob may try and do that. The other problem with wearing them covert is that it used to make your shirt stick out at the back and you looked like hunchback.
  7. Arktis vest

    Walesmi, the Met like cheap and old fashion kit. They will not spend anymore than they need to on officers as you will find out when you transfer over. Its taken them an extra 20 years than other forces to have a light bar on there response vehicles rather than a cheap blue light!
  8. Covert body armour: thoughts..

    We in the Met are supplied with covert covers and the body pads just slide in and out as a front and rear panel. I have worn mine several times like this but in the summer it gets very hot and sweats underneath and you cant take it off when at the station when dealing with prisoners or having refs. The benefit is that you always wear it when on the streets and you cant be tempted to leave it off when you leave the station. If the overt vest is fitted correctly and kept clean then I think it looks smart. Also the overt vest gives you the ability to store paper and pens etc.
  9. Brent Borough MET

    Two MetVests!
  10. WMP officer injured.

    Wishing you a good recovery.
  11. ipcc comments on policing

    All level 1 and 2 officers should now hand their ticket in until all this rubbish is over.
  12. Police officer seriously injured

    Complaint submitted also
  13. Police officer seriously injured

    My deepest sympathies to your family and friends. May you rest in peace and watch over the ones who loved you. R.I.P Gary