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  1. 5 Word Story (2)

    which was most unfortunate considering
  2. 5 Word Story (2)

    meant that farty pants was
  3. 5 Word Story (2)

    for his Hitler-esque rants. Luckily
  4. 5 Word Story (2)

    with Trump talking out of
  5. 5 Word Story (2)

    Sadly, the American public didn't
  6. 5 Word Story (2)

    wilfully misunderstanding legality and democracy
  7. 5 Word Story (2)

    and a fake passport. Soon
  8. 5 Word Story (2)

    but useful to Trump so
  9. 5 Word Story (2)

    whist calling each other "right
  10. 5 Word Story (2)

    flipping second homes, dubious fiscal
  11. 5 Word Story (2)

    about their duck houses and
  12. 5 Word Story (2)

    and other scurrilous rags, which
  13. 5 Word Story (2)

    until faced with the probing
  14. 5 Word Story (2)

    Unlike MPs whose expenses claims
  15. 5 Word Story (2)

    She replied with piffle and
  16. 5 Word Story (2)

    and hospitals terribly overstretched, resulting
  17. 5 Word Story (2)

    Support duties, wet-nursing sundry
  18. 5 Word Story (2)

    The good, honest retired coppers were
  19. 5 Word Story (2)

    trouser-twitchers and generally rather
  20. 5 Word Story (2)

    but refused because they felt
  21. 5 Word Story (2)

    And diversity awareness scrutineers who
  22. 5 Word Story (2)

    with excessive amounts of boose
  23. 5 Word Story (2)

    access to sensitive information which
  24. Facebook & other social media

    Thank you. I think it's important. I remember during the Essex Police What a mess thread some coppers were "outed" simply by what they posted - meant something to someone and revealed who they were.
  25. Facebook & other social media

    No they are not harmless. They seem harmless because we use them so much. Facebook occasionally updates its privacy policy. How many people actually take time out to read the changes? We accept them blindly because we don't want to interrupt our fun. We often tick boxes saying we agree to the terms because, hey, they are the same as usual aren't they? Well, no. Not necessarily. Often hidden in the Ts & Cs are permissions that we sign up to saying we will allow adverts, we will allow data harvesting, we then play stupid games where even more data harvesting goes on. Facebook does this and we allow it because we want to stay in touch with people. Because it's fun and it's safe enough in the right owners' hands. The issue is, what happens if Facebook were to be taken over by the wrong hands, legitimately as a sale, or illegitimately as a cyber attack? Then nothing is safe. There is no safety in numbers because algorithms could filter out you or me as a target just because of our browsing history or things we have said, publicly or privately in the past. Today, when I came to sign in, I was asked to tick an updated Ts & Cs agreement. I bet most people were. How many of us actually read it all the way through? How many of us skimmed through because hey, it's the same as always. How many of us saw this? "All data across all areas of the forum is recorded in the database and can be accessed by the Police Community Staff at any time without reason or without notification and you agree to be bound by these conditions should you use any part of the forum or its features. This includes Direct Messages. " Direct messages. What the forum ten years ago used to call Private Messages. Well, these messages are not private at all. When I was a Mod we could not read private messages, which is only right and proper. Admin always could, I presume (though the question never arose in the early years) because of the possibility of PMs being used for subversive or criminal behaviour means that if someone is suspected of something, their PMs could be examined. Now, I would expect that even though the power exists, it would not be exercised except under dire necessity and suspicion of criminal behaviour. It's a matter of honour and respect. Who saw the warning in red? I hope you all did and realised what you have signed up for. In principle I don't mind people's messages being read if they are aware that a third party may, indeed is likely do so. The important thing is that you KNOW that this will happen BEFORE you use the Direct Message service. I tried to get back to see the Ts and Cs I signed up to. I can't find them, just a remark saying I had agreed. Mostly it was about copyright and indemnity. The warming was in red and bold, hard to miss, you'd think, but it was not on the first page, and now I can't go back to check what else was there. That is wrong. They should be obvious and we should be able to read them at any time. Basically, nothing is safe on social media. All we can do is try to not be unwise. Personally I will not be DMing anyone.