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  1. Mark, Pairs= 50% of the work????.... I am a uniformed officer as you know... I also have the privilege of being an Inspector but I have not forgotten what being a PC or a DC or a DS is like... In my force DC's are breaking under the pressure. Stress risk assessments and mental health problems among Detectives becoming the norm. I have PCs who abandoned or were removed from the TI process on my relief and they are much happier now. You can laugh at these people, as can your C.Supt but you and likely he have no idea what they are going through-You don't understand what they actually do. I am not too proud to say..being a DC was much more work than I have now, less responsibility perhaps but very tiring. I look at these people with admiration not scorn. We have it easy by comparison and they should be applauded and saluted for what they do. If their life is so easy, get on the TI process-Go enjoy that lazy gravy train with the rest of them...I double dare you. HMS
  2. Yes it was. Having worked intervention and CID for many years in multiple roles I know where the stress and pressure is highest. I will no doubt at some point go back to a DI spot again but I'll do it with a wince as part of my career development plan. It wont be for pleasure. HMS
  3. I think multiple exposures over the years have led me and likely others here to learn to cope. Eventually it doesn't feel like coping, it's just doing the job. If my neighbours child was to die I would be sad for them and express compassion which I would genuinely feel. If I was the one who dealt with that death as a scene that wouldn't change any. But as soon as I move on its gone. SUDI'S are always sad but I guess rather selfishly they aren't my child so I don't take that deep wound. If I have any advice it's be human, do the best that you can do to mitigate the terrible thing that has happened for those left behind and content yourself knowing you did all you could. Then move on.
  4. I would be more reassured if the selection process identified a long standing SC than someone with no Policing background- The SC would have more of an idea of what he didn't know which would prompt the leadership with consultation skills that both CP and OAH refer to. Can someone tell me what they are bringing to the party that I don't know? Perhaps it would be something that I could learn.
  5. The thing is, it's a risky move. I don't believe the situation is so bad that it justifies such a risk. Yes there is always room for improvement but why not get these fresh new perspective people employed on our change teams? Why not have them embedded in shifts and then feed back their ideas which can be debated round a table by whoever is deemed fit to decide on change? Then policy can be written and current management appropriately trained. That way we get a transition, we get our innovation and outside skills but we also keep the best of what we already have. When our embedded advisor comes up with a great idea it will be adopted. When they come up with something that's going to Impede someone will have an opportunity to explain why before it goes live. This whole lets give it a whirl and see if anything breaks just seems reckless to me.
  6. Yes... but as any finding can't be retrospective and as the process is likely to take at least three years there will be very few if any people left on tapering and of any that are the impact will be minimal as their time will almost be up..... It's basically warning the horse to be careful of the gate that will shut behind it.....
  7. Which is why the claim that fighting for our pensions might do more harm than good is either ill conceived or disingenuous....
  8. Say what you want- just stick to the opinions rather than the opinion holders whom to be fair you have never met and have very little information upon which to facilitate judgement.
  9. I would suggest the need for change in a functioning system is the thing that needs to be evidenced, not the need not to. Evolution has a lot of dead ends and extinctions and I would rather we didn't utilise trial and error when lives are at stake. So I disagree- where is the evidence? I am not the one saying things are so bad we must transplant a major organ in the Policing physiology....
  10. We have the NCRS which creates a serious disadvantage internationally when comparing crime stats. We have serious acquisitive crime issues I admit, but we also have a do not imprison policy nationally and despite this prisons overcrowded beyond belief! Who filled those prisons in an environment where you hardly ever get locked up for anything? How many citizens died due to Police use of force ? How safe do our people feel in comparison to France or Italy or Germany? If the problem is command level..who is in command currently? Senior officers who spent little time on the front line with ridiculous ideas about things they never experienced? And we are going to improve on that by parachuting more inexperienced people into the middle ranks as well? Cancer to fight cancer perhaps? Does that even work? Lastly Hillsborough, Stephen Lawrence .... How many of the officers today were at school when those things happened ? But you think the organisation needs to change to combat something that occurred before nearly all of us even joined? There is no validity or thought beyond the superficial in your argument- try again.
  11. I have thick skin.. By the way HMS/Andy G are currently the same person- There's a bug where I post as AndyG from my iPhone.... I am not whoever made that account and no idea why it happens. I actually don't have any hurt feelings on the matter. My irritation such as it is,is this. Why can't we just debate the issues? Why must it always become personal? When I get to the point where I am being insulted I actually see that as my point is likely won. If my opponent could dispute it they would have done so rather than ragging on me. Sarcasm is I have no doubt not peculiar to your force but we are debating by text. Use your sarcasm by all means but attack the ideas and opinions not the holder of them. The debate will continue much longer and be much a more enlightening and happy experience for all involved. Am I really saying this? It feels like I'm instructing children on how to use a knife and fork at table... Seriously you are an adult, you know this, just behave. I'm not personally hurt... It's just disappointing and it feels like I chose the wrong arena to fight in that's all. I want to debate and argue... Not observe on how stupid you must be to hold your opinion, I want to make you reappraise it. Mock me if you wish. I won't bother saying anything but you will know what I think.. The point of my shameless self aggrandisement was this- I learned my job over significantly more than three years. I am no slouch. No three year direct entry, through no fault of their own is going to be able to do what I can, and what I do is a lot about saving lives and preventing serious harm. So you want me to be ashamed of my intellect and skill or at least have the British decency to keep quiet about it? Fine. Don't make is an issue... Don't try and put unqualified people into my job and you will hear nothing more from me about why they can't do it.
  12. The British Police are NOT generally rightly criticised. The vast majority of complaints against Police have dematerialised in the face of body worn video. The progressive liberal view that we are all racist bullies is a lie based on lies. Maybe as a white man I'm not allowed a voice on this but there's enough black cops of both sexes who will back me up. Anywhere else in the world, look at the brutality, the corruption and the failure to deliver justice.... Where is better than us? I'm not buying into this sweeping "just accept it" rubbish. There is a new wave of thought called "Evidence based policing". Essentially what it says is- no more change for changes sake- you want to say something needs to change then fine- SHOW US THE EVIDENCE. Don't just tell us we're s**t and we need to change and some random with 3 years training is going to fix us. Show me facts.
  13. So in summary.. Probably best not to do it.....
  14. I think the problem is this. Some people understand the role (and I would agree on this) to have a requirement for a skillset that is generally acquired over years of Policing. My accumulated knowledge about forensic evidence gathering, investigation, suspect and witness management, risk assessment, public protection, public order, victim focus, traffic infrastructure, conflict resolution, the way the public view the British Police, community tensions and police regulations combined with extensive legal qualifications which have then been extensively practiced and tested. Those skills combined with the people management (which I admit came much later for me) which is assisted by the qudos of having been there and done it yourself. Now all of those things have of course institutionalised me to some degree but I am not sure that is necessarily a bad thing. Someone could get parachuted into my job and bring many of those skills with them-People management/leadership can be learned elsewhere, but there are different types of leadership. Leadership through change can be learned in Tescos. Leadership in the middle of a life threatening situation with injured officers all around less so. Yes I am sure a direct entry could bring a host of fresh ideas and would certainly facilitate change however.... 1) Opposing change because we don't like it is dangerous, but embracing it just because it is change without evidence is equally dangerous. 2)That accepted- Where is the evidence we are in such dire need of change that our own people aren't good enough? 3)Assuming someone can actually provide such evidence for what I consider the world's premier policing service, how much risk is attached to dropping people into these positions? 4)If you are still for direct entry-Is that risk worth the harm that could be caused? Ruperts in the army are well documented in their shortcomings. Many men have died in combat because the officer concerned did not know and could not even imagine what he was ordering. The attack on Port Stanley airport as an example was ill conceived and would never have been ordered by anyone who knew what the Hell they were doing. The Police is no different other than I hope there would be less deaths. I am sure I cannot say there would be none. HMS
  15. I remember so well thinking "what do you need Governors for really anyway?" All of that command structure crap, and when there is a job on they are taking up the air space on the radio... Waste of money...we could have 2 more PCs!! It feels very similar to the way I used to think about my parents when I was a child.... Of course I see it all too well now....