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  1. http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/crime/sorry-i-compared-bobbies-to-binmen-says-yorkshire-police-chief-who-didn-t-want-to-pound-the-beat-1-7928915 Oh Dear ! Didn't take long for the true colours of direct entry Superintendent to show through. Is this the start of us and them ?
  2. Not the police this time

    I recall a number of years ago a fiasco that occurred in our force, involving a body dog handler who had been doing some training with his dog, he must have forgotten one of the test pieces he was using, which consisted of a woman's knee length boot and a some rotting animal bone with flesh left on, deposited in a local grave yard, wrapped in a carrier bag. Of course a Mop found it, normally it would have been dealt with swiftly but at that time there was a missing female believed to have been murdered and dismembered. A simple mistake caused havoc and turned that grave yard into a major crime scene. So the Pcc is right fiascos do happen !
  3. Public Holidays via NPCC

    3 days for me !
  4. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/exsoldier-asks-psni-to-investigate-series-of-ira-attacks-on-him-during-the-troubles-34408207.html This will be interesting to see how it unfolds in the future. The soldier has a valid point, I guess there will be some caveat that will be found to negate his complaint.
  5. Always check your pockets

    Just did a test if you fold ticket in half both the bar code and date come together on opposite sides of the ticket. I suppose it's possible the ticket was spoiled in this way, it will be interesting to see how this pans out, if the claimant is genuine, I hope the evidence proves she is the rightful winner, otherwise she will be either in jail for fraud or forever blaming herself for what could have been.
  6. Cologne Sex attacks

    I'm sure the majority of refugees entering Europe have no intention of causing disaffection with the local population. Many will go on to be model citizens and benefit the communities that have provided them a safe haven. On saying that if you take the media footage as a snap shot of the amount those immigrants pouring onto the beaches of Lesbos being young single males, intent on going to Germany then the odds are regardless of what nationality they hale from there will be a rogue criminal element amongst them. What's needed is a swift robust enforcement of the laws that have been transgressed and a no pussy footing around with regards to deportation of those found through due process of committing crimes in the country. Merkel needs to protect her own citizens from outside sources regardless of what the bleating left say, what's it to be sexual assault on local females or upsetting those who will shout racist at those for making tough decisions.
  7. New National Anthem

    Being ex Navy, Heart of Oaks played by a Royal Marine Band, can't beat that when pulling gun and limber out at the Earls Court that gets the adrenalin pumping, sadly no Field Gun running these days
  8. Pension Challenge

    Tigers 66 you may have a point, take for example the question of ill health enhancement for medical retirements, there is no enhancement for anyone over the normal retirement age of 55, whereas an officer younger in service below this age will if medically retired receive up to 3.5 years pensionable benefit.You could say that anyone over 55 is being discriminated against for having reached that age and therefore being easily disposed of from service, a victim of A20 without any financial benefit to aid their forced retirement.
  9. Cologne Sex attacks

    Germany have an ever ageing population, I recently read that they do not have enough young people to look after the older generations, I guess this goes some way to explain why Merkel welcomed alcomers no questions asked throughout the whole of 2015. Of course these kind of decisions will have unknown consequences, that are now beginning to manifest.
  10. Officer Suspended

    I would like to When a firearms officer is deployed they only have have a fraction of time to respond, they don't have the benefit of hindsight, no X-ray or body scan, no specialist consultant on hand to run the situation by. The officer doesn't have time to consider whether there will be an audit trail of best practice that was followed. They are deployed to keep the public safe, based on what presents them at that material time in order to resolve the situation. There is no other comparison that a firearms officer faces that be equated to being remotely similar can used in normal civilian life on a like for like basis, when the decision for the best outcome.making. It's down to that split moment in time when they either make far reaching judgement to follow their training and use it to what they honestly believe to be the right decision accessible at that to time to either protect the public, colleagues or themselves.
  11. Restricted/A20/Ill health/IOD

    Just a quick question. Does anyone know or has any experience of what the pension reg's are for officers over the age of 55, specifically do they get any enhancement on an ill health pension, or because they have reached the normal retirement age of 55 that entitlement no longer exist for that age group. I have tried to find out via the fed and they couldn't give me a straight yes or no.
  12. No Cut In Police Budget

    Quite convenient that an unexpected 27 billion pound windfall was able to save the day. It seems that whenever HMG backs are against the wall, in this case the ground swell of public opinion against tax credit and police cuts that money mysteriously comes from out of the ether, wish that stroke of luck would happen in my family budget.
  13. COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Clearly a lot of last minutes deals going on. Was this down to Theresa May digging her heels in ? surely not out any love for the police but of self preservation for the future.
  14. I don't see any slack being given to the police, judging on what Osbourne said on Andrew Marr show today. I'm guessing HMG are hoping for a united front with all the Worlds super powers to take on Isis, a swift victory for all concerned, lots of back slapping, lots of more for less eye wash talk and "I told you so", blah blah !!! In the meantime the Hydra has grown two new heads and reeking mayhem on innocent citizens going about their normal lives.
  15. Requirement of a Degree to become a Cop

    Just wondering how the CoP proposals would address a prospective candidate who is the holder of a degree who is dyslexic, makes the paper sift, suitable on paper and is able to progress through the recruitment process, in reality they can't write or read very well and has difficulty with spelling. Their intelligence is not a affected, should this candidate be put through ahead of the let's say the ex forces candidate who has left the services, worked in industry for a number of years gained alternative experience and would like to have a change in career. They have no university degree but gained City and Guilds in a recognised trade, or would these work place skills be seen has baggage that the police should be moving away from in order to become a more professional organisation. Should common sense and so called nouse be relegated to room 101, I mean you wouldn't want something that can't be measured getting in the way of candidates armed with a Ba, Ma or Bsc. Surely in fairness all aspects of what the recruit can and can't do should be considered.