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  1. Can anybody guide me??! too scared!! haha
  2. Can anybody guide me??

    Well I live in Preston, so either of them 2 would be an option. Gunna have a good think about it! Thanks for all your replies. Been a big help!
  3. Can anybody guide me??

  4. Can anybody guide me??

    Hi all, im a new member. Im 20 and Ive wanted to join the police force all my life. I honestly think you lot have the best job in the world. What are the chances of being taken on at my age? Ive heard of pople being turned away to get more "life experience" before they join. Ive worked for my local council for 4 years working in tennants properties etc and have had to deal with drug users, alcoholics, violent and dangerous tennents etc. So i think ive seen alot more than the average 20 year old. Secondly, Do you recommend the specials before i try to join? Do you think its easier to enter the force if youve had time as a special? Are specials seen as a waste of time to police officers?? Look forward to reading your comments! Paul (