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  1. Pension Challenge

    My understanding is that if they lose, they'll have an insurance policy in place to cover the legal costs. That policy will obviously cost them though. So apart from increased publicity drumming up a bit more work, I can't see where the money is if they lose. If they win, then presumably their earnings comes from 25% of the compensation awarded to each officer.
  2. Pension Challenge

    Over 36,000 on the Facebook group now. I've been in 4 different nicks over the weekend and seen posters up advertising this in all of them. Hopefully it's going to take off in a big way.
  3. Pension Challenge

    Over 25,000 members now. The problem with things like this is keeping the momentum up. People lose interest and forget about it. I tried to get a few people on my team involved today. One had already joined the group and sent the email, one had no interest at all and the others seemed to have no idea what I was talking about
  4. Pension Challenge

    Agreed. I actually came on here tonight to make people aware of this but saw someone had beaten me to it. I'm not holding my breath but it does sound promising.
  5. London Residency for Met Police

    I know the residency criteria doesn't apply to transferees from other forces, so they do make exceptions. I would call recruitment and ask; they can only say no...
  6. Night Shift Work - Health Implications

    Most Met CID departments work 7 night duties on the trot. I find that I'm completely nocturnal by the end of it and have as much of a struggle reverting to 'normal' as I do adjusting to nights at the start of the week. That can't be healthy!
  7. GMP officer sacked for racist comments on social media

    Whatever your views on what he said, why any serving officer would ever post something like that on Facebook is beyond me. Just asking for trouble...
  8. The Winsor Report Thread

    That 12 hour thing is utter nonsense. If an exigency of duty exists you can be required to remain on duty is my understanding. 12 hours doesn't come into it.
  9. Election and political debate 2015

  10. Clarkson

    Petition approaching half a million now. Unbelievable.
  11. Clarkson

    It says a lot about society that a petition to reinstate Jeremy Clarkson has reached over a quarter of a million signatures yet petitions for subjects that will have a profound effect on everyone in this country struggle to get just a handful.
  12. Cycling on the pavement

    Only that the source is the BBC!
  13. Pensions

    Hampshire Pol Fed have published this:
  14. Pensions

    Which begs the question 'why join the pension before you're 30?' If you joined at 18/19 could you work 11/12 years not paying into the pension and then start when you turn 30?
  15. Posted to new nick

    Over ten years ago now, but you'd do well to top this for a commute!