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  1. Pension Challenge

    I have had a forecast from capita requesting figures for 30 years service retiring at 50 (16 years on old scheme) and then drawing new pension at 55. So can confirm as Chees puff said that you can retire before 55 on old scheme providing you have completed 30 years and then draw new pension at 55, ( a 56% reduction in value from retiring at 60 my SPA is 68 in my case)
  2. Sick?

    Never having time off sick is not always a good thing, I have known officers crawl in with the flu pass it around and then half the shift end up off sick instead. At least he can say I've been in the police 35 years and never had a day off sick! Not a hero a complete arse.
  3. MP's Latest 1.3% Pay Rise.

    Gives me a nice warm glow inside knowing I have to pay an extra 1.4 % NI as of this month for a pension I might live to see at 68 as it stands
  4. Police Strike

    They went on strike for one day and the government of belgium agreed to their request......Strike always a bad thing? especially as this involved security. thoughts please.
  5. National insurance contribution rise

    Just not enough on the end to enjoy it..
  6. National insurance contribution rise

    My state pension age is currently 68... Don't forget with th care pension it states that the retirement age will be regularly reviewed so don't be surprised if that gets moved
  7. Public Holidays via NPCC

    Stop showing off.....
  8. Public Holidays via NPCC

    I find it hard enough to get people to work BH for pay let alone for nothing, also as said before if they give 9 days leave when do they take it, most cant get the time off they want as it is....But as the NPCC say bank holidays are not that significant to people anymore... I wonder how many work bank holiday weekends? genuine question.
  9. Fed redeems itself.

    I wonder if the fed will make a fight of the NPCCs suggestion of binning bank holiday pay except for christmas day and new years day an idea the home office would only be to glad to grant. This will be another loss in earnings for PCs and Sgts...
  10. Bit confused on the extra monthly pension bit, I thought the money was because the factors for commutation was incorrect so was under paid not the pension itself which would be based on the best year in the last 3....
  11. Shift change

    As long as it suits the needs of the constabulary they are not interested in the officers opinion these days the fed have no actual say in these matters since winsor.
  12. Failed police written exams

    Sorry to hear that, like you said though you now know your areas to improve on and if you really want it you will do the hard work. All the best.
  13. New printer woes

    I would offer to help but with my tech skills I would probably end up deleting the Internet by accident!
  14. COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    CS of the cards until 2020? also was the original idea of no cuts always the case or did it require a tragic event to change some minds?
  15. Pension Challenge

    I agree with cheese puff on this one I was watching a programme about pension when a public sector worker asked this question of a minister and it was pointed out that the pot does not exist so there would be no money to transfer out hence the change in law to stop this. Public sector pensions are paid by those still working and shortfalls made up by tax payers, there is no pot to to take vast sums of money from.