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  1. writer research

    Thanks, Zulu, for answering that.
  2. writer research

    Hello, I'm writing a novel about a police officer investigating a serial murderer in the mid 90s (original, eh?!) Although I have lots of great research material (Murder Investigation Manual, Crime Writer's Guide to Police Practice and Procedure, etc,) I have some questions - rather stupid and basic, but I need to know! I'd be very grateful if you could help me. So, imagine there's a serial murderer, it's been happening once a year for six years, I want to focus on a female lead investigator, Sullivan, would she be a DI? Would that be the correct rank? Who would be in charge of her? A DCI? Would he be the guy she would come back to the office to keep informed? And who would her oppo be? If she has a partner she works with - maybe they sometimes go to the scene of a crime together, etc, what would his rank be? Sorry to ask such daft questions, but I'd like to get these things right.
  3. research for novel

    I hope you do get to read it! I'll be mentioning the Forum in the acknowledgements as your information is priceless. Thanks so much for all your help.
  4. Please, please forgive my ignorance on these matters! I'm a writer and I did some research a while ago and now I have changed the story and so I have a few new questions. Lots of you were really helpful last year and I learned a lot. I just need some fine tuning and to make it believable as I don't always know the terminology you use and I don't trust programmes like the Bill! In my novel, there’s been an attack with a hammer bought from shop near the place of attack with a credit card that has not been reported stolen. (It’s a set up.) The card belongs to Elizabeth and she knows Michael committed the crime. The victim is critically ill in hospital. The credit card has been traced to Elizabeth and the police have come to her place of work to discuss the matter. Would the Police ask Elizabeth to come in to be voluntarily interviewed or would they arrest her? Might the police ask her to come to the station to ‘help with inquiries’? Would a DC interview her and then maybe a DS or SIO take over when they thought she was guilty or had more to do with it that first meets the eye? Could a DS be a SIO? When she came to the police station would she have a solicitor present and would the conversation (is it an interview?) be taped? Do you use the word ‘taped’? What sort of equipment is used to record interviews? Would a SIO be in charge or CID? Would it be believable that there was a DC and a DS (SIO) present at the interview? If there was enough evidence to convict Elizabeth would she be charged with Section 18 GBH with intent? Or conspiracy to cause GBH? Is it the same thing? Do you give people food or sandwiches? I woudl be very grateful for any guidance! Seanchai
  5. writer research

    I understand your irritations, HMS and I am of similar opinion to you that this sort of thing happens and women can be involved. My friend is a probation officer and he is of the mind that my storyline sounds plausible. I'll have to think of a way of convincing my editor, who I don't think has much knowledge of this.
  6. writer research

    I see what you're saying, Picard, but the fact that it has happened - although very rare - a number of times, does make it plausible? I think I would have to research the effects of manipulating vulnerable people/ domestic violence/ etc more as I have read a few papers which suggest intense fear in such situations. It would have to be up to my skills as a writer to convince the reader that the woman is in such a position that to save her own daughter she would surrender her niece. Maybe under threat of death for mother or daughter? It wasn't until I started to read up on domestic violence and paedophile manipulation that I would have believed these things myself. I suppose if the reader is not aware of such things happening then they wouldn't believe it and it would make my job impossible.
  7. writer research

    HMS, thank you for your expertise. It disgusts me that these things go on, and I am not being cynical or flippant about them, but instead I am trying to examine the after effects of abduction, etc, in the novel and I am trying to be respectful of such situations. I'm going to have to change tack to make this storyline work, so how plausible do you all think this may be.... What if a narcissistic, manipulative (aren't they all?) paedophile targeted a vulnerable, single mother and tried to persuade her to give him her daughter (I've read about this a number of times recently in the press) but she gives him her niece instead to save her own child? That would give plenty of strong motivation and fear of consequences as you have all rightly suggested. Any thoughts on this? I very much appreciate your ideas (policing and writing!) Seanchai
  8. writer research

    Reasonable Man, being a parent I find your comments quite reassuring about abduction. Tommo, Picard, brilliant ideas, that would make a lot more sense. Croberon, you sound like a writer yourself. Picard, I'm going to go along the lines you suggested. Thanks SO much. Really appreciate you taking time to help. Talk about if you need to find a motive, ask a poilceman....(or woman)
  9. writer research

    Thanks, Reasonable man, will bear it in mind
  10. writer research

    Yes, sorry, bikerider, it does sound quite harsh out of's not the theme of the novel, I'm just looking at people's motivations
  11. writer research

    I'm a writer and I'm researching, so would be very grateful for any information. I was wondering how likely it would be that someone would abduct a child and sell them to a paedophile, especially if the abductor themselves didn't have those tendencies. I get the impression (from reading about people trafficking) that there are people out there so obsessed with making money that they would buy and sell people/ make and sell paedo porn online, etc with very little regard or empathy for the victims. In my novel I'm trying to convince my editor that it would be possible for a man to abduct a kid he knows to cancel a debt with a man he knows to be a paedophile, but she's not convinced. Any thoughts? Thanks Seanchai
  12. research for novel

    Brillaint info. Thanks so much for taking time to reply. Much appreciated.
  13. research for novel

    So I could have her takne to mags court and ric'd or bailed, even if it was a murder, and then she'd be sent to crown court for a trial at a later date? I'd like to have my character have a breakdown in custody. Where would she be taken if that happened? Hospital? Would she have a police guard? Would there be anyway that she could be seen by a psych at the actual police station or is this unheard of? Obviously I am coming from a dramatic perspective, which doesn't always fit in with the reality of day to day policing. I've seen stuff like 'Cracker' on tv and I'd llike to stage a denoument scene where there is a psychiatrist trying to explain to Elizabeth how her state of mind has affected her view of the crime (Elizabeth has delusions) and I'd like to have the SIO and the psych together talking to her, but I don't know if this would be believable. What about if she is taken to hospital and the DS is present when the psych is discussing things with her whilst the DS is there so that they can sort of crack the case together??? Thanks, Seanchai. Thanks for your help, hiramabif. It's shocking to hear that someone tried to murder you. It must happen in your line of work, but it's terrible.
  14. research for novel

    Would it be unlikely, or impossible, for someone who has been charged to see a family member or a friend, even if they have been informed of the charge? Does the person who has been informed of their arrest often come down to the cell? If so, why? Would my character be likely to be bailed, if she has been charged with murder? This would be in the magistrates court, wouldn't it? If she was bailed what would the restrictions be? If she wasn't bailed would she go to jail to wait for the crown court trial? Any info gratefully received! Thanks Hiramabif, excellent detail there.
  15. research for novel

    Yes, it's just a brilliant site. More people should look at it to appreciate what you guys (and gals!) do. I'm making progress thankfully. Quick question of the day.... If I said that a person called Michael existed but he'd been living on the streets for a long time and the police were trying to trace him - how would they trace him? Would they look at National Insurance or something? I'd like the officer in the story to come back to my main character to say they've tried to trace Michael but can find no record of him. Thanks