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  1. Blackstones Manuals

    Should be £75 but I got for £52.50
  2. Blackstones Manuals

    Iv managed to get complete set 2015 for £55 direct from oxford university press. I did have to google for discount codes that gave me 30% off books.
  3. New Pay Scales

    So by my understanding, I have started as a new PC January this year on £23259 and should progress to £25962 increment 1 after initial training. However according to Windsor I should move to the next increment on the new scale which would mean i would progress to increment 5 £27000 of new scale instead of £25962 as i cant be moved to a lower increment of £25000. I am so confused as a new PC about pay pensions exc, To say we have had no information about pay and pensions is an understatement! My intake asked the federation 2 months ago to look into this but no reply as of yet.
  4. Police Pay

    Hi Rossy, my understanding is that it starts 1st April 2013

    I start my new police career as a full time regular PC after being a special for 15 years with Essex police! I start on 14/01/2013 and cant wait to start my training!