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  1. When the Queen spoke in the state opening of parliament, one item was along the lines of 'my government will continue to improve the finances of the country while keeping taxes low' Why is Ms. May still continuing to talk about keeping taxes low. It is the income from income taxes that is used for public services, which among other things, includes what is needed for the Police Service and the N.H.S.
  2. What a terrible, terrible thing to happen. I hope the final fatality figures are low, but given the time of the incident, sadley, I think that may be a touch optimistic.
  3. Well, according to what I have seen on the news reports, austerity, and from that I assume the drastic cuts in all quarters, is now going to come to an end. We will see if that does indeed to turn out to be the case (let's hope so).
  4. Just one other thing. I would seriously question the ability of some officers having the right approach/outlook (shall we say) to carry a weapon, there are some that I would not have wanted to work with, but only a few though (but that's enough in my book).
  5. I agree with Zulu. When I was serving, I spoke to a number of D.P.G officers in the Met. and they, having spoken to many firearms officers, said that most of them were giving serious consideration to handing in their ticket because there was very little support from the job at that time if one used their firearm. That was some 14 years ago now so given the current climate in the big cities recently, officer's opinions may have changed, but to echo Zulu again, I would not want to carry a gun now.
  6. If Ms.May and her party get elected at the general election: don't be old, don't be a pensioner, don't be cold in the winter, don't be ill and don't be a fox. That'll do for starters.
  7. Of course, it goes without saying, that my condolences are to the families who lost loved ones in the Manchester Arena attack, RIP all those who lost their lives, and I wish a very speedy recovery to all those injured too. Having said all that, I have just seen Sky news, and it was announced that one of those who was killed was a serving police officer. As a retired police officer now, I would also like to say the same to that officer and their family too. On the report that I saw, it did not say whether it was a male or female officer. It matters not. They were killed carrying out their duty, and whether past or present, it could have been any one of us. As I said, RIP.
  8. The expression that comes to mind here is 'I'm alright jack' but sadly, there are many who are not alright, through no fault of their own.
  9. I agree with you entirely Yorkshire. It's such a shame that it has turned out that way though. One can only hope that things take a turn around and it changes. I've recently seen the state of what used to be Hendon Police College. It's a pitiful site now to when I was there blah blah years ago.
  10. I do of course realise that how people vote is a very personal thing indeed. However, how on earth can Ms.May, now that she has launched the tory manifesto, expect senior citizens to give her their vote, having said that her party are in favour of, eg, the abolishing of the triple lock system on state pensions, abolishing the heating allowance (also being called the dementia tax) to name just two policies of hers, and there are others. Pensioners will be shooting themselves in the foot surely. It's like turkeys voting for xmas as they say.
  11. VS and VR, what on earth is happening to the police forces up and down the land. I can understand that those still serving see it as a route to 'kerching' but what ever happened to what I always experienced as a good job/vocation.
  12. Thanx Chief, I did miss the chance of having a good old moan about something, and making some good points too
  13. Zulu, you are not the only person who thinks that way, my thoughts are, why on earth do the press and media feel the need to publish everything about him. They should, in my opinion, simply announce his death, end of. He deserves NOTHING else
  14. Hi Zulu. I've just read your post about where has everone gone. I have thought the same for some while. Like you, I've not been able to get on the site for some reason, until tonight for some reason, but as if by magic now, here I am, back again. I saw that OAH was on here and have pm'd him but where are many of the others, of course I recognise some of the older names, eg old copper and reasonable man, to name but a couple. Anywas, I hope I will be able to remain on here now. TTFN and Regards, westie.