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  1. Pensions

    Why is it too late? What could they have achieved?
  2. Pensions

    Quite a geeky reply!!
  3. Pensions

    he was talking historically about a deal the federation allegedly struck. nothing to do with recent concessions by the firefighters.
  4. Pensions

    They secured us a better deal than the Firefighters despite only having the power to consult, rather than negotiate. You are angry; we all get it, but it can't be helped. Nothing is going to change. No one is going to wave a wand. It is what it is and we have to come to terms with it.
  5. 30 years, what then?

    Mummy Patrol ain't gonna like that casual sexism one bit!In all seriousness, that was a lovely, touching post. Very best wishes for the future and congratulations on your retirement.
  6. Pensions

    So what do you suggest?
  7. Pensions

    I can't help thinking that Silver Plated may be some sort of a wind up merchant. Either that or he is in the know but doesn't wish to reveal how.... my own two cents for what they're worth are that this is some sort of sick joke!
  8. Pensions

    no mystery about red rum; he has gone to the place where good horses go. Shergar on the other hand....
  9. Pensions

    Really? It has always been my suspicion that the Federation will do no such thing!
  10. Pensions

    [quote name="ED209" post="515429" timestamp="136920626 AnywayI am probably not going to be posting on here any more, bye.
  11. Pensions

    Will this happen Ed? Or will your chief constable enforce regulation A19 upon you on completion of your thirty years?
  12. Pensions

  13. Pensions

    I wonder if they have been keeping abreast of your postings on this forum? (kidding).
  14. Pensions

    Niccop, Regardless of whether you are proved right or wrong, your postings above are absolutely excellent! Top marks for your research and for the time you have spent on this topic!
  15. Pensions

    Why does it matter to you who they got the advice from? Would you like them to go on and on with different legal firms until someone provided the answer you seek? The fact is that they took advice and acted on it. We are living in peculiar times. The public sector is taking a beating and no one other than ourselves believes that the police should get off more lightly than anyone else. That is the reason we would lose the argument if we were to pursue it. Hmg may then Impose its initial proposals thereby affecting thousands More and preventing you drawing your pension until the age of 67! Unless of course you are still up for it at 60.