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  1. First Post Mortem

    I genuinely thought that students attending post mortems had stopped due to some of them complaining?
  2. Advanced Driver Wings

    Yes it is a silly thing
  3. New Manchester United signing

    You have forgotten to mention that in addition to his £254,000 per week wages he recieved a signing on fee of £22,000,000. Oh and Zulu "I have been an avid Man United fan since boyhood, and a reluctant Liverpool Fan through the in laws", you are the first united fan I have ever heard of who also claims to support Liverpool!
  4. Fitness Test

    That's always been the case in Lancs? What happened previously if you missed the line three times in succession?
  5. Adam Johnson...Guilty verdict

    Plea bargaining for a suspended sentence I expect.
  6. Industrial Rights - the way forward?

    As far as I am concerned they can accept the proposed changes or do something about them which they are doing. They are quite entitled to do so and I applaud them for that. At least they get the chance to show their disaffection and strike which we cannot. I do wonder though how many of them voted tory in the last election, I know of Police officers who did.
  7. In or Out

    Out most definitely. We don't need Europe, they need us. Oh and I don't believe anything that "call me Dave" says anymore.
  8. Public Holidays via NPCC

    Yes the access to industrial rights has no relevance as we are all the same unless you read "Animal farm." Oh hang on a minute........
  9. Public Holidays via NPCC

    I fully agree and will confirm my feelings with my union with which I enjoy employee rights to strike etc. Oh hang on a minute..........

    Yep. Get it banked you know it makes sense!
  11. Misleading BBC Headline

    That's because due to the fact that the BBC is publicly funded the government will put pressure on them to print what they wish them to print as they wish to make the Police look bad. Just like during the election campaign when law and order was never mentioned on the BBC. Allegedly of course.
  12. Donald Trump

    Dont forget that American secretary of state or something, Dick Spring
  13. Why would PCSOs be in a Police vehicle? They would be out walking on patrol, speaking to the public and being the eyes and ears of the Police. Wouldn't they? (Sarcasm mode now switched
  14. David Bowie's passing

    I was going to reply to your post but I have now deleted it. However, what does "illegible for all the fawning mean?"
  15. David Bowie's passing

    Poor post in my opinion although you are quite obviously entitled to yours. Just watch his video "Lazarus" He recorded his own epitaph when he recorded and filmed that, a genius in my opinion and in this horrible world that we now live in he meant a lot to a lot of people.