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  1. Not Met ex GMP. I was in the Met on a course for 3 months. Loved the course absolutely hated the Met.  I could not wait to be on the M6 on the way home. Traffic, travelling and living in the Met is horrendous. My advice is do not do it. You will become a better all round officer where you are. There are always opportunities where ever you serve, must depends on hard work and the right opportunities. Remember the saying "Out of the frying pan into the fire"

  2. You do not have to worry as there certainly is organised crime in the GMP area. I have not worked in the Metropolitan area but have attended the Met CID training. I will be quite honest I could not wait to get out of the smoke. We also found that we had a greater spectrum of work and in many cases a bigger work load. I am not sure whether you would transfer immediately into CID as you may have to transfer into uniform to prove yourself. You will find that officers, like elsewhere will be supportive but, do not be offended if you get referred to as "That Southern Jessie" It is all banter.

    Serving in GMP is a large spectrum of Policing between City Centre, Town centre and rural Policing. Area's of Wigan, Rochdale, Oldham, Tameside, Stockport, Trafford all have their own individualities. 

    I do not know if you are married with family, or single. If you are married then your family would have to be fully supportive and research where you want to live as a base.

    What ever you decide, good luck to you, you Sothern Jessie.:D

  3. It will always be a black mark pointing towards irresponsibility, and a lot depends on the circumstances but, each application is dealt with on its merits and this varies from Force to Force. The conviction and points will always be on record at DVLA.

    You will have to show that you have matured and reformed over the last few years. Good luck anyway.

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  4. Full title Detective Superintendent, or shortened Det. Supt. They cannot shorten it to D.S. because of Sergeants.

    Detective Chief Superintendent = Det.Ch.Supt.

    Detective Chief Inspector = D.C.I.

    Detective Inspector = D.I.

    Detective Sergeant = D.S.

    Detective Constable = D.C.

  5. They used to have number plates at the front but this was scrapped in the 1970's as it was deemed that they were dangerous. As ReasonableMan says you need to lobby your MP.  If it is any consolation I do not know of many Police Officers who do not hold the same opinion.

    It always makes me laugh when they describe it as Moped Crime, it is not. It is perhaps Motor Scooter Crime. A moped is something until 50cc which can also be propelled by pedals and usually accelerated from 0 to 10mp in about 6 minutes, and that is with pedal assistance.


  6. 6 hours ago, Reasonable Man said:

    And as for the other advice the Highway Code is not the law.
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    It summarises the Law and the prohibition on vehicles and use is post on the Motorway signs.  When a person applies for a driving licence they confirm that they are conversant with the Highway Code, which can be replied on to support evidence for a multitude of offences. It also lists offences with the statue relating to it.

  7. 14 hours ago, KathT said:

    Hi, can a moped drive on a motorway please, if the driver has a full licence? Is there a minimum speed for motorways? And a last question, is the A1(M) a motorway? Thank you.

    Read your highway code it is all in there. The highway code is the book that everyone who holds a licence has declared that they know and abide by.

  8. 5 hours ago, john60wales said:

    Thanks for the reply Zulu22. Last time I did indeed declare my driving convictions...but with the caveat that the timings were approximate. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to cut much swathe now...SW Police want to know exact dates [or so I've been told].



    If you declared them last time then it is essential that you declare them this time. If the motoring convictions were as far back as 1980 I would be amazed if they would decline to renew your firearms licence.  Just make sure that you can account for the firearms and the amount of ammunition held.

    As you said S.W. Police are taking a hard line on undisclosed convictions. You have already disclosed them. It appears that some people may not have been disclosing past convictions and it is those where a problem and crack down arises.

  9. What did you declare last time, I suspect that you did not include those in 1980.  Not too sure of the wording now in the questions but I would suspect that as you are only renewing the certificate you would not declare two driving convictions nearly 40 years ago that you cannot remember the details of.  The think that the only one you would need to declare would be a conviction like Driving over the drink drive limit.

    But, this is only the advice that I give and I could be wrong having retired 5 years ago.

  10. It is unlikely that the DI would be making the enquiries, that would be done by the murder team, D.C's or D.S's. There would probably be a Det.Supt. in charge and the team would attended the morning briefing for updates, and the allocation of enquiries. The OIC would keep the senior officers above him appraised of any progress and that would be progressed up to the Chief Constable.