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  1. Cressida Dick to be new Met Commissioner

    As I have already said, sorry but I do not agree. She has blood on her hands and is a bad choice.
  2. Two pot pension

    I am out of date on the new Regs now but a call to your Federation Office should give you the correct answer.
  3. You would have to judge the circumstances but, to do nothing would be a no, no. As OC says it may be an intel thing or waiting for on duty officers to arrive and then you could always put yourself on duty, if need be. Once a Cop, always a cop and, doing nothing is just not compatible with serving.
  4. Beggars Belief

    But you need references and those references were checked and double checked.
  5. I have already told them of the high and Mighty Let he who is without sin etc
  6. Do you expect officers to say "Yes we cuff crime". I cannot conceive that any officer would say they were under pressure from Command, it just is not going to happen. I will of course tell my contacts that you do not believe them, and they must be living in La La land.
  7. Cheese I think that OC is in the generation before me but I believe that we both did 30 years. Things do change, and believe me that I am still in regular contact with serving officers and I do get told of what is going on. Some I approve of but much I do not. I see too many spineless leaders happy to sit in their comfortable offices content to let those at the sharp end, on the street, to struggle under an endless stream of non police jobs as well as those they would expect to do. They do not like criticism, for if you say anything critical on here they regularly jump in to imply that you are out of touch, and it is years since you served., as you do from you third line in your post. Experience is derided and, believe me, you will still be gaining experience the day before you retire.
  8. A lot depends on the circumstances, but by our profession it is difficult to turn your back. Many times it is the instinct that kicks in and we are obliged to do something, and we often take charge of a situation.
  9. There are times that comment would be a disgrace, but, in the circumstances outlined you would have to think very carefully of the pro's and con's. In a cluib you would be grossly outnumbered but there are more ways of killing a cat than choking it.
  10. Not strange at all. It means I do not look at it through rose tinted glasses. I look at reality.
  11. But "Cuffing " crime does happen as OC suggested. I am in two NARPO branches in different forces and the practice does still go on in both. It has always been that Chief Offices want crime increasing or decreasing. Increase crime and it gives you a chance to strengthen the arguement for an establishment increase. Decrease it and you can claim to be making headway. Why are serving officers so keen in refusing to accept any criticism, whether it be warranted staff, PCSO'S, or civilian staff. There ere are good officers and bad, just as there are good and bad practices. Stop slating retired officers for being able to see a different picture from outside the box.
  12. Beggars Belief

    Where on earth are their brains, don't answer that. The damage that they do is irreparable, and they both deserved a far harsher sentence.
  13. Marine conviction overturned.

    I agree. It was the MOD who hung him out to dry. They decided, in their wisdom, to make an example. I attended the funeral some time ago of an old soldier, A Chindit, who served behind Japanese lines, said of how they had to leave injured soldiers in the jungle. They would be left with a revolver just in case they were about to fall into enemy hands. In cases of hnopele3ssly injured soldiers then they were actually despatched by their own colleagues to save them from a long slow death. As you say the military court panel of 3 non operational military and 2 operational. I think you are allowed the profanity of saying Bollaux.
  14. Marine conviction overturned.

    I believe that it was a military Court that found him guilty by a vote of 3 to 2. In a Civilian Court that would have been a reasonable doubt. It was also report the 3 voting to convict were non operational officers and the 2 voting to acquit were war zone officers. I was surprised that they were appealing sentence only, but irrespective Sgnt Blackman should be freed a.s.a.p.
  15. Ill health retirement - why the long wait?

    MON1275 each Force seems to vary quite a bit. If you speak to your Federation Office they should be able to give you a good idea of the time scale that your Force works to. They will have one of the JBB executive who specialises in medical and Injury pension retirements. It is not unheard of for some Forces to leave you on sick pay for 6 months,(They have a problem) then on half pay sick pay for 6 months (They still have a problem) after which you have a problem being on SSP. when the situation becomes your problem. With Federation assistance make sure that you do not end up in that situation. I wish you luck and keep my fingers crossed that you are treated correctly.
  16. If you think that response is relatively easy, try it. Handing jobs over is getting harder and harder. I can remember when you had to have passed the Promotion exam to be considered for CID. Promotions came predominantly from CID when officers would be promoted back into uniform, or even remain in the CID. That system was an encouragement for officers to work CID. The problem was if you did not get promotion then you had to commit a minor misdemeanour to get punished and kicked off back to uniform as a punishment.
  17. Ill health retirement - why the long wait?

    Your Federation must be different. Mine moved me through the whole process, they were not adversarial but the HR did not obstruct them. It was me who went to the extra lengths but, with the approval of my Fed expert. They arranged for all my medical examinations and reports to put before the FMO who would have been foolish to ignore the consultants reports. The FMO on my examination with him decided that he would ignore the instructions sent to him by the Head of HR. I would not disagree with Hiramabif as he had built a raport, but, all Federations are not the same.
  18. Ill health retirement - why the long wait?

    I would agree that it is essential to involve the Federation. They know the rules and regulations and get a better response that you will. The length of time seems to vary from Force to Force. I had to involve the Federation, my MP, the Force Legal Officer and making a complaint of maladministration. I had contacts and found out that the Head of H.R. had sent a memo instruction the FMO to put me into band 1. I received a copy which was to their embarrassment but certainly moved things on. When you go for the medical or any interview take a knowledgeable friend with you. Make sure that all your injuries are recorded at Job Center. Use the Federation as that knowledge gives you power. Good luck to you and Billyboots hope all works out well.
  19. Notice period to resign

    I agree, I have know cases where they have been told to go away and not come back and they have been paid up to the end of their months notice. They can be a liability if they stay.
  20. Tattoos On Application Form

    You asked to be honest, well personally I hate tattoo's and I fail to see why someone would want one, but that is my personal opinion. As far as most forces go, it is similar to the armed forces that as long as they are not visible. From what you say even in short sleeve order yours would not be. If the form asks you to declare them then you would have to, and it would be up to them are their local Force policy. However I do not see that they should cause all that much of a problem.
  21. Mark it does still happen. The case you mention shows that common sense no longer applies in Policing.
  22. Resignation !!

    Dazzler Cheese is the expert on Pension matters. I used to be but the Pensions changes moved rapidly just after I left and I now no longer have all the Regs to hand. Have you enquired from your Federation office as they should have people there with the expertise to give you a very accurate answer, that is one reason that you pay your Fed subs. Before retirement I did it for one of my P.C.'s and he was annoyed because I was 37pence out on the calculation. I would add that the 37 pence was in his favour. The Pension Regs can be a nightmare, but as far as I can see Cheese is spot on but do confirm with your Fed. What ever you decide, good luck but remember that £180,000 that you could miss out on, long term.
  23. I agree, the buck stops with the Senior Command. The Federation pointed out to Mrs May at Conference that you cannot do more with less and she derided them for saying so. I did not notice the Chief Constable's standing up and publicly agreeing with the Federation or supporting them in any way. The person in the firing line is the front line officer and you can understand when he(she) decides to short circuit the system by doing nothing. The main problem is that the public do not realise just what a mess Government and Senior Command are making. You cannot take criticism away from the MHIC's either as they should be screaming the faults in funding from the rooftops.
  24. There is no legal reason why they should have to do that. If a shop reports a crime the Police are obliged to do something, You are right the treatment they are getting is pathetic.