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  1. Injury On Duty Pensions

    The Home Office issued the guidance, which is not law. Several Chief Constable's then saw it as a way of saving money and decided that it was ok and ethical to take out of the pockets of officers who had been unfortunate enough to have been injured enforcing law and order. It shows you where the loyalty lays, just one way. I believe so far that there are now 17 forces reducing bands, 2,3 and 4 down to band 1.Brian C2009-06-11 19:26:16
  2. Injury On Duty Pensions

    M&MBN in my case I did manage to accrue my full Pension with 29¾ years. I had intended to work after retirement and was head hunted (sounds grand) by a firm of Solicitor’s. The main problem being that they represented all the villains, and as I told them I could not assist trying to get those people off. He did understand, as I had known him personally as he had been a Police Prosecutor at one time. It also came in handy when I was the arresting or prosecuting officer, as he always arranged for another solicitor to take over the case.<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> I tried to work but found out that I was unable to and it took three years and this abortive attempt before my doctor convinced me that was so. Yes some forces have chosen not to enforce the advice, but GMP have. You have the right to appeal but know that they will not overturn the decision unless you have the “Cogent reasons” which they interpret how they wish to. They also inform you that the cost of the appeal will be met by the Police Authority, but if the appeal is found to be , Frivolous or vexatious, when the cost fall on you. They also point out that the costs are in the region of £7,000. They will not accept as “Cogent Reasons” the fact of your continuing pain, discomfort, or financial loss. In short you are on a hiding to nothing. I have this morning received a letter informing me that my circumstances would not effect the current position of placing me in the lowest band of disability. The ball is now in my court and I have to decide whether to give notice of appeal or not. As for the Federation and Narpo it is my feeling that they should be fighting this issue on behalf of every single serving and retired officer, to have this odious Home Office Memorandum 46/2004 rescinded. It is certainly opening my eyes to how you are regarded by the official side.