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  1. And, some thought Cressida Dick was the Bees knees. Demoralising the troops is not a very clever strategy.
  2. The problem is that the people who assault Police do not give a dam about the consequences. Of course it takes some form of hero to assault a female officer, and that is not sexist at all. She received support from her tutor, Inspector and the Federation which is to be expected. Assault on Police has always been a problem but the Courts should show that it is taken seriously by remand ing each case to Crown Court for sentencing. It needs the Court to give substancial sentences for Assault Police. The report does not indicate if the offender was arrested or not, or even made a Court appearance. There are ofcourse the occasional pposter on here who criticise the use of force by officers when arresting an offender like this. There are more interested in criticising the Police and do not like to acknowledge that there are offenders out there who think nothing of using violence.
  3. It is no surprise how many forces got involved in PFI. Even a novice schoolchild knows that if you get something then, at some time, you have to pay for it. In the case of the GMP they went on a spending spree under Peter Fahy and will be in debt forever more. They went on a spending spree building new DHQ's and an Headquarters when there was very little wrong with the ones that they had.
  4. Judges win pension case

    Both please make sure that you seek expert advice from the Federation, as I believe that both Chiefs have acted unlawfully. The only problem is that I am out of date with the Regs and no longer have copies of them. I believe that you are able to request a new review of your injury and disability. Do not be afraid to contact your MP either, you would be surprise how a letter from them to the Force shakes a few branches.
  5. Mopeds used in Crime

    Bosses just do not like acknowledging a hue problem. I would not describe them as mopeds, they are motor scooters. It is well known that they can escape down entries and paths anytime. They have to be stationary at some time, and that is the time to hit them. A large majority are stolen and using false plates.

    I believe that you are right but, as I say I am a little out of date so would be loathe to comment. However your JBB Federation Officers should know. A Local Fed. Rep, however dedicated, does not have the intimate knowledge required. Contacting the NARPO office in Wakefield could also be helpful. Check out the PIPPIN web site and their Forum which carries a lot of information and contacts.

    Try Pipin.org.uk which is a Web site run by retired IOD officers and is full of useful information. I would recommend that you also seek an appointment with your Federation and an officer from the JBB officers. If the injury/ illness was as a result of being on duty you should still be entitled to full backing. I was Fed but a lot has changed in the last 5 years. You do need advice as, among other options they could try and recall you to duty. The Piping Web site has valuable information and links. I have several levy arch files with regs and stated cases, which are now a little dated but, all the info is available through Piping. NARPO could also help but, it essential that you get advice from an expert who is intimate with the Regs and details. Hope everything goes ok for you. The Piping step has a Forum with many experienced heads, and us worth joining.
  8. International Police Association

    Not a member myself but I know many who are. They speak very highly of the organisation and worldwide events they hold.
  9. As the above two posts. Do not waste their time or yours. If there is one position for ruining relationships it is the CID.
  10. Passing on the left? Offence?

    Not an evangelistic approach at all. The Poster asked for advice and received it. It does not help that some, so called officers, then decided to imply that you can do what you like and ignore laws which do not suit. You either drive correctly and lawfully or you do not, simple. I know many officers who have lost their driving authorities.
  11. Passing on the left? Offence?

    So why ask for advice if you want to disregard it and drive as you want to, not how the law and highways code demands. Love to know which Police Chief made the comments. Driving habits of one idiot does not mean that it is ok for another idiot to please themselves how they drive. As for the Traffic officers mainly being busy dealing with fatals, they have probably been caused by the idiot lane hoggers and the equally inconsiderate motorists who believe that they can undertake. Both types of motorists just give business to the professional Undertakers.
  12. Passing on the left? Offence?

    It would, and they would deserve prosecution just as those who undertake. When in that position I would have stopped the vehicle and, depending on the drivers attitude, would have either given verbal advice or I would have prosecuted him, for driving without reasonable consideration. Pose the question "the vehicle in the outside lane is doing 50mph and is in a 50mph restricted zone. You would be happy to exceed the speed limit and also to drive without due care and attention. The same would apply for those on a motorway who hog the 2nd lane unnecessarily for mile after mile. There have been several cases of those drivers being prosecuted. If people drive according to the law and the advice in the highway code there would not be a problem.
  13. Passing on the left? Offence?

    Wise men are not hypocrits. If you do not want to drive responsibly and lawfully then you would not deserve to hold a licence to drive. If you have that attitude then you would not retain your driving authority for very long.
  14. Passing on the left? Offence?

    Do you remember anything about your Police Driving Course(s). You would have failed.
  15. Passing on the left? Offence?

    Wait, two wrongs do not make a right.
  16. Passing on the left? Offence?

    It cannot be done safely though. Have a read of the Highway Code, or perhaps this does not apply to you. Two wrongs do not make a right. If it was me and still working the car hogging the outside lane would be reported and the car undertaking would also be reported. Too many drivers seem to feel that the law does not apply to them and that they can do whatever they want. That type of driver does not deserve to hold a driving licence. The highway code states that you overtake on the right only, unless you are in a slow moving traffic queue. I am surprised that you have no penalty points as you soon may have.
  17. Passing on the left? Offence?

    I am a retired officer but at one time was a traffic cop. I would have reported you for Dangerous, Reckless, or Careless driving with no problem. Read the Highway Code, sections 138 tom 145 and the legislation over taking is to the right of the vehicle in front, not to the left. The highway code clearly says "Only overtake on the left if the vehicle in front is indicating to turn right, and there is room to do so." Whe you applied for a licence you did certify that you were conversant with the highway code. I checked with an ex colleague who is now a driving test examiner, he stated that had you done that on a driving test you would have failed and your test would have been terminated immediately.
  18. Passing on the left? Offence?

    Basically yes you are wrong and dangerous drivging, unless it is a slow moving queue of traffic.
  19. Legal bid to ban spit guards launched

    What happens if a assailant spits in the face of an Officer? perhaps Community Order or less. What would happen if an officer spat in the face of a prisoner? The officer would, rightly, be hounded, and prosecuted and dismissed, so why not the same for an MOP who spits at an officer?
  20. Ill health Pension 24 years Service

    I am out of date with the last 5 years changes and Force reaction to ill officers. However I am surprised that you have not had a good response from the Federation, that is not what they are there for. I would try and get an appointment with one of the Force Federation officers and get correct and proper advice. I do not know which Force your wife serves in. I can only say that in GMP she would have been supported through them process, and the Federation would have been demanding to know what options she had not explored. There used to be a right of appeal, but you need an expert to lead you through this and, the Federation should have one. They can also get approval to fund a solicitor. The worst option that she could take would be to throw in the towel and resign, she stands to lose too much. It would do no harm to contact your local MP, it is surprising what that can achieve even though they are just writing to the Force. I have also done cases where they have made a written complaint to the Chief Constable, as a complaint has to be investigated. There is a Web site www.pipin.org.uk They have a Forum and contacts and are very good with the latest information. They deal with Injury on Duty Pensions but also cover Medical retirements.
  21. The fact that it is to be run by the College of Policing depresses me. We're doomed Mr Mainwairing, we're doomed.
  22. Paying into Police pension

    The Federation can tell you exactly what you can expect to receive as a pension and what sum you can commute. That is not the same as financial advice it is a matter of fact. It is then up to you as an individual to seek further expert advice from an independent adviser. You can opt out of the pension scheme but would be a fool to do so. There is no Pension fund existing that can provide you with the Pension and Cover that the Police Pension Regulations provide. That is within the old regulations or the new. If you decide to opt out of the scheme then you had better be prepared to exist on no financial support.
  23. Paying into Police pension

    Jenny you could ask, why are you still working. In effect yu are working for free as you could almost have the same money available if you were retired. Depending on your age the acturial figure for working out your Lump Sum commutation stats to decreaase. Ok you will be either half pay with a commutation figure or two thirds with smaller. When you take your pension you will be better off by the amount of your contributions which you no longer pay. You do not have the travel expenses, or the meal expense. I found it hasrd to believe when I retired as I took home about £30 per month less than when working full time. I do agree though check with your pension experts in the Federatuion and the Pay and Pensions Dept.
  24. Off-Duty Night Out

    If they are doing something that is illegal, believe me, they are not friends. In the job you have to be very choosey over friends.
  25. Where have they gone

    Where have all the old contributors gone to. When the site changed in January I found great difficulty in accessing the forum. I had registered originally with an email address I no longer used because it had been hacked. I could not change my password or anything. It was fortunate that I was able to contact the administrator and Moderators and they managed to sort out my new (Well old secure) email address and for me to set a new password. But where on earth are Quokka, Westie, Itoldyouonce, Cheese, Reasonable Man, GManc,Spider, etc,etc. I have joined one of the sister sites but it appears to be mainly Specials and PCSO's who know everything about everything, whilst, at the same time, knowing nothing. Experience is scorned as a dirty word. There do have to be different opinions, otherwise you would have a sterile environment with every poster saying "Yes I agree" agree, agree. I do hope that the old posters on here have not disappeared for good. Come back we need you. This edit was made after someone clicked "Like" The sister also seems to be very much Met orientated and they seem to work off different rules and even laws than the rest not us Plebs. And before someone replies, I am not anti Met, but there is life north of Watford Gap.