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  1. I look forward to a risk assessment and duty of care.
  2. There is decency and understanding in so many, but do not let PSD know. His efforts should be acknowledged by all communities.
  3. The Group Insurance pales into insignificance. I am sure the family would rather have him about. R.I.P
  4. Hmm, Tony Blair and Alister Campbell were cleared over the War in Iraq. You have your opinion and I have mine, they differ.
  5. We disagree, full stop.
  6. And if the source is wrong, as it was in this case?
  7. You are adding 2 + 2 and making 5, as usual. Stick to the topic and stop attacking the posted ad hominin. I discuss with serving officers and ex colleagues and other ex officers at many social events. Officers in the Met deserve better leadership than they had in the past, present and future.
  8. I am entitled to my opinion and stand by tCommissioner . As foir Reasonableman and Cheese, what has a NARPO meeting got to do with this? Also for Doolydog, I would put my record to stand against yours any day of the week. I assume that you are unbiased in any way being Met.but you are welcome to your new Commisioner
  9. And, as one family we all feel it. You go to work never knowing what is going to happen. RIP.
  10. As I have already said, sorry but I do not agree. She has blood on her hands and is a bad choice.
  11. I am out of date on the new Regs now but a call to your Federation Office should give you the correct answer.
  12. You would have to judge the circumstances but, to do nothing would be a no, no. As OC says it may be an intel thing or waiting for on duty officers to arrive and then you could always put yourself on duty, if need be. Once a Cop, always a cop and, doing nothing is just not compatible with serving.
  13. But you need references and those references were checked and double checked.
  14. I have already told them of the high and Mighty Let he who is without sin etc
  15. Do you expect officers to say "Yes we cuff crime". I cannot conceive that any officer would say they were under pressure from Command, it just is not going to happen. I will of course tell my contacts that you do not believe them, and they must be living in La La land.