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  1. Seems very much like following "Roadcraft" instruction. From memory, No call is so urgent as to justify being involved in a road accident. That is why the advanced course is so demanding. You are exempt from many things but you still have to drive with care. If some officers become "Gung Ho" when driving, think of them with a firearm. Doesn't bear thinking about.
  2. Most Forces, I know of, these days had dedicated Officers acting as Coroners Officers so an officer never sees a PM. It is good experience though as you never know what you will have to deal with. If you have a rather messy Sudden Death to attend you would not want the embarrassment of keeling over in front of the public, so it could prepare people better. I was lucky as I was a Cadet and I was taken to a rather messy death and the Officer took me with him to the PM. Both he, and the Pathologist talked me through the whole process which was invaluable.
  3. It is a rare opportunity indeed these days. MY first was not a great hit but it started me smoking again, after being stopped for 12 months. Visually I had no problem, as I was told, "Do not think of it as a body, but a piece of meat in a butchers shop. It is a corpse, no feelings but a dead body". I was ok with that as I got the visual impact correct in my mind. However the smell was something that I got completely wrong although, at subsequent P.M.'s it did not affect me because I then knew what to expect. If you want a tip to help with that, get a small jar of "Vick" and smear a very small amount on your nostrils it masks the smell, and that advice was given to me by a pathologist. If you watch and listen you should find it extremely interesting, if he is giving a commentary on what he is doing; showing the sights of a Cardio infarction (Heart attack), or of Cranial haemorrhage (Stroke). If he corpse is of a smoker he/she will show you the condition of the lungs. Non Smoker pink and healthy whereas a smoker will look black and resemble more of a large piece of Coke from a fire. Also prepare yourself for when they use a saw to open the skull, it can be like a dentist drill going through you. There will be many who will leave the room, or even pass out, it is nothing unusual. Hope this does not put you off too much but, hopefully it may prepare you better. Edit, Forgot to mention, the body was once a person so treat the whole process with respect.
  4. There is a strong rumour that you cannot spend what you gave not got. That rumour has not yet reached many Politicians, even after years of failure.
  5. Any party offering University Students no tuition fees and thus saving them at least £27,000 is going to get their vote. If someone offered me £27,000 to vote for them I might just think about it. For every £ given to someone then some else has to pay for that.
  6. At least she is not promising the unaffordable like a certain Jeremy Corbyn.
  7. I am not sure about the Scottish Regs. In E & W they have the power to recall you for a reassessment medical are able to recall you. What ever you do you need to speak to the Scottish Federation they are there to help you and the see you through circumstances like this.
  8. Ring DVLA as it all depends on conviction, any restrictions and dates.
  9. We must not turn this tragedy into a Political points scoring event. It is a tragedy that should not have happened but we must wait for the evidence to come forward. Emotions are running high but are, wrongly, being fuelled by political motivators. The Emergency services have done a fantastic job and it should be remembered by all that searching the building, finding and retrieving the bodies is a huge task and cannot be unduly hurried. It will be a harrowing time and because of the event, it may be that some of the bodies are not identified, as was the case in the 9/11 in New York. The Forensic experts will do their job but it is a slow meticulous process. The families need support and sympathy, and not to be used.
  10. The money could come from the overseas budgets, but it won't. On the Logistics of the whole thing, where are the officers going to come from. It takes time to advertise, recruit, and train to a level where they can actually do the basics of training. It is very easy to lose numbers but extremely difficult and time consuming to replace the. This on't a guesstimate but, I would think that it would take 5 years minimum to recruit and train to manning levels of pre Winsor as Austerity.
  11. Corbyn gathered support from the under 25's especially in University area's. He promised them he would scrap Tuition Fee's to buy their votes. If somebody offered me a financial incentive of between £27K and £72 K then they could certainly buy my vote. He would reintroduce University Grants, Clegg similarly offered the same when he was not in power. When he went into a coalition, and he was in Government, he realised that the country could not afford to do that. Corbyn and McDonald promised the earth and merely said "It has been fully costed" but never satisfactorily said where the money would come from. The one good thning to come out of the election is that OC's friend Nicola Sturgeon, and Alex Salmond got a good old kick from the Scottish electorate.
  12. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but the point of attitude is well demonstrated. We had armed criminals and we had IRA terrorists with in descriminate bombings of any place of mass gatherings. Ask some of your senior colleagues.
  13. Where do you get that dangers are greater from. The protection now is greater than 20 years ago. What you need is greater enforcement with less gun ho. What I have nioticed in the last few years is a huge deterioration of officers attitudes and the ability to speak and converse with the public.
  14. Leigh Day are one of the legal firms facing enquiries and prosecution for the cases that they were bringing, on Legal Aid for Iraqis falsely trying to sue soldiers for compensation from the Iraq war. The cases were thrown out of court. If anyone was tempted to sign up with them, then, ring them and find out.
  15. It is essential that the identities are known before you try and inform relatives. I had a straight forward Fatal RETC once. Went to the home asking a mother if her son still owned a car Reg No. etc. She replied Yes. We were about to break the sad news when she said, "Oh just a minute he sold it last week". She then called and woke her son who was able to tell us who he had sold it to. The cuts came about because of Winsor, and austerity measures but also, indirectly because of the Edmund Davies report which gave guaranteed annual pay rises which had pushed us way above the national levels.. If you think that them Guardian article is correct then seek out some retired officers who were serving prior to 1974. My father was one and he was in receipt of State benefits because of his family and his wage was so low. In those days officers could not afford cars, foreign holidays, or Gym subscriptions. In 1969 his take home pay was £60 per month including CID allowances and expenses.