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  1. Is "gonna" a predictive text problem if it is perhaps we should be going to the IT providers.
  2. I am not surprised at your reply. But I am entitled to my opinion If there were no better candidates then we are in a poor state.
  3. A poison chalice if ever there was one. Nice to see/hear/read you back OC.
  4. Sorry but she was gold command but denied her order to stop him at all costs meant to shoot him. Is this a diversity appointment? Are we neutral, or not?
  5. For me she has too much baggage, i.e. De Menezes
  6. I should know better than jump to a conclusion without the full picture.
  7. Yorkshire, if you have health problems then perhaps you should consider an ill health pension. Full pension after 26 years and index linked immediately. Your Fed Rep should be able to assist as I have not got any of the papers now I am retired.
  8. Seems to be going off topic a little. I have not known many part timers in CID as it is not conducive of it. Mind you it is not conducive for Response either but they never consider things like that when making any working legislation. I have seen very little evidence that those working full time do not have some resentment of the part time workers.
  9. Forgive me but these squads have stripped the streets of response. The Response teams are all overdue nervous breakdowns All the time the public are being betrayed and the criminals are having a good laugh at ineffectiveness.
  10. Dame Anne Owers, so enough said. It is obvious just how little that woman knows or appreciates.
  11. There was a day when only the academically brilliant got to university. No you can go there to study anything so you have a high percentage of under 23 years of age with no life experience whatsoever, except for the club and pub scene. This is speaking a family who have had 3 go through Uni but fortunately they were rather more responsible. But I am right the RSM does run the regiment, and he gets that position through experience, reputation and results. Now I have never been in the military but my next door neighbour has going through the ranks to RSM and later taking a commission.
  12. They sure have got vastly different policies. One of our problems was/is that they have taken that many officers into squads that there is a minimal number of officers who are left on the street. This might not be so bad if those in the squads actually did their fair share of the work. As a supervision I more than sympathised with the opinions of my officers. The huge problem was telling those in higher ranks what a mess they were making. The officer on the street was full time and the part timers were getting away with murder as they had learned how to work the system. Any objecting voices were decried under various discrimination and quoting present day work practices. Your Force seem to have enough squads, Mispers units, arrest depts., etc,etc. that I would think that you have no one left for response Policing and certainly no on for reactive Policing..
  13. I stand by my previous comment, but it is no wonder the public are losing confidence with responses like that. So glad that we stopped at the Yorkshire Border.
  14. Cheese, we have heard on here from Response Officers who not only respond but carry many jobs. They parade on duty and are given a shed load of carry on jobs. Many of these will be from part time officers. Forces vary so much. I know in ours most of the part timers are in safe non confrontational positions which, frankly, annoy some officers. Perhaps we can get criminals on part time as well. Then hang your head in shame. Remind me, are you being paid to act as a Police Officer. No wonder the public bitch on.
  15. If you look at it from a military angle, who runs the Regiment the C.O. or the RSM. The ones who come through University usually does 6 months at Sandhurst and come out as a rather incompetent Rupert, whereas the one without that educational background does 2 years and comes out, mainly as a competent junior officer. Education is not everything, knowledge does not necessarily bring experience.