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  1. Career advice

    Not Met ex GMP. I was in the Met on a course for 3 months. Loved the course absolutely hated the Met. I could not wait to be on the M6 on the way home. Traffic, travelling and living in the Met is horrendous. My advice is do not do it. You will become a better all round officer where you are. There are always opportunities where ever you serve, must depends on hard work and the right opportunities. Remember the saying "Out of the frying pan into the fire"

    Shows how many people cannot drive and have forgotten all they were taught.
  3. The Met lads in the Met were amazed at the amount and varied work that we did. I think that all we did was deal with the odd shoplifter and th occasional common assault.
  4. You do not have to worry as there certainly is organised crime in the GMP area. I have not worked in the Metropolitan area but have attended the Met CID training. I will be quite honest I could not wait to get out of the smoke. We also found that we had a greater spectrum of work and in many cases a bigger work load. I am not sure whether you would transfer immediately into CID as you may have to transfer into uniform to prove yourself. You will find that officers, like elsewhere will be supportive but, do not be offended if you get referred to as "That Southern Jessie" It is all banter. Serving in GMP is a large spectrum of Policing between City Centre, Town centre and rural Policing. Area's of Wigan, Rochdale, Oldham, Tameside, Stockport, Trafford all have their own individualities. I do not know if you are married with family, or single. If you are married then your family would have to be fully supportive and research where you want to live as a base. What ever you decide, good luck to you, you Sothern Jessie.
  5. Ill health Pension 24 years Service

    Have you consulted the Federation as they should be fighting this for you. It is worth visiting the web site www.pipin.org.uk they have a lot of information regarding sickness medical and injury retirements. They also have a Forum for officers affected by similar.
  6. Fail to provide after hospital procedure

    Cannot understand why, but then I suspect that you would get several different decisions from several different CPSA's. I have had similar and it was just because the particular CPS did not want a fight in court. They may have had a drinks party lined up.
  7. Height

    Relax, it should be no problem at all. Hope everything goes alright for you.
  8. Will my spent conviction hold me back

    It will always be a black mark pointing towards irresponsibility, and a lot depends on the circumstances but, each application is dealt with on its merits and this varies from Force to Force. The conviction and points will always be on record at DVLA. You will have to show that you have matured and reformed over the last few years. Good luck anyway.
  9. Yes, ours should have done but they were too busy.
  10. I'm have never known one Det. Insp. attend hospital for a GBH case let alone two. If the case was serious enough then they might, might get a D.Sgt, and D/C. It is usually the lower ranks that do all the donkey work, usually D.C's but occasionally a D.S. D.I.'s are usually in the office to supervise over seeing cases and admin.
  11. So you would be able to do better, I wish you good luck, you will need it.
  12. And of course your contribution to standing up and being counted is. ......... Try bring a Federation Rep if you are disatisfied. There is an old saying about put up or,
  13. Proofreader query on ranks

    Full title Detective Superintendent, or shortened Det. Supt. They cannot shorten it to D.S. because of Sergeants. Detective Chief Superintendent = Det.Ch.Supt. Detective Chief Inspector = D.C.I. Detective Inspector = D.I. Detective Sergeant = D.S. Detective Constable = D.C.
  14. Youtube.

    You should not be leaving your laptop lying around.
  15. They used to have number plates at the front but this was scrapped in the 1970's as it was deemed that they were dangerous. As ReasonableMan says you need to lobby your MP. If it is any consolation I do not know of many Police Officers who do not hold the same opinion. It always makes me laugh when they describe it as Moped Crime, it is not. It is perhaps Motor Scooter Crime. A moped is something until 50cc which can also be propelled by pedals and usually accelerated from 0 to 10mp in about 6 minutes, and that is with pedal assistance.