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  1. I would agree with OC on this. If you receive any pension, other then the OAP, then you should not need a winter fuel allowance. This living abroad in countries like Spain, Cyprus etc, should not be eligible for Winter Fuel Allowance. If they want to say that they have paid in therefore they are entitled, then not so. Why would a Millionaire need a fuel supplement? When they were paying in there was no such thing as the winter fuel allowance. It was meant for those genuinely in need. My parents enjoy their Old Age Pension but they do not believe that they should get increases above the level of other sectors increases. Perhaps Mrs May is being a lot fairer than people give her credit for. As for Social Care, at present a person pays for their care until they reach a level of £23,000 savings. The proposal would raise this level to £100,000. Like everything that the other parties are promising, they will not have to provide, if they did the unanswerable question would remain, Where are they going to get the money from to finance this.
  2. The alternative is like Turkey's voting for Christmas day to be brought forward to June. I would not trust Corbyn or McDonald with anything, least of all the economy.
  3. Because he has the right to expect a Duty of Care. Sometimes officers have dedicated themselves so much that they know very little else and by age are not in the Labour market. I am surprise that you have intimated if you don't like it leave. It is different for Officers in regular day jobs. On the front line it is hugely different. Larryd, you are welcome, stay safe.
  4. It must be good news week. This morning I awoke to, the great news that Ian Brady is dead. My father worked on the original enquiries and was amazed at some of the rubbish written about Brady and Hindley. As far as he was concerned they were the most evil people he ever met. Neither showed any remorse for their actions. May they both now rot in Hell.
  5. I would suggest that you can get an accurate figure from a) Your Force Pay Department, or alternatively Your Federation Branch Board Office. I am retired now but up to two years ago I could have given you a 100% answer. If you know your annual salary figure and divide it by 12 that should give you a monthly gross figure. If you take off one third of that which will be your approximate stoppages for tax, Nat. Ins., Pension contribution etc it would give you a rough idea of you monthly take home. But as I say your Federation Office should be able to help.
  6. Divide and conquer comes to mind. Throughout the years the Met Federation have taken some very questionable proposals to the National Conference, and thankfully many have been voted down or rejected. The Met might be the largest Branch but they do not have a majority when it comes to candidates and votes. As far as I am aware the Federation was authorised by Act of Parliament. The Met sometimes have to be reminded that they are not the be all, and end all of Policing.
  7. Yes advertising space is rented out. Some places are not putting up UKIP candidates as tactical voting. Neither do they have the financial backing to do it.
  8. Take medical advice from your doctor and involve the Federation over your concerns and predicament. That is one of the reasons that they are there. Your health and welfare come before anything else.
  9. They should remain to see the people's will is fulfilled. They are not finished until we are out of the EU and it's unelected Commissioners.
  10. Except that the SNP are making a right mess of the NHS and Education in Scotland.
  11. They are making a mess of the NHS and Education in Scotland. They are financially subsidised more favourably than England, Wales, or Northern Ireland. When the electorate realise the mess they are making then they will be in trouble. They are similar to UKIP with the exception that they lost the referendum for independence.
  12. Still more than the SNP. Will they die when the Scott reject their independence bid, again.
  13. Scotland has a population of 4 million and returned 57 M.P.'s. UKIP had 4million votes cast for them in them general election and got one seat, democracy for you, but it showed the support that the UKIP policies had. That brought the other parties to their senses in the feelings of the electorate and made them take notice and action..
  14. Yes but it is a farce serving platitudes. Nobody is going to fail anything. If anything like ours some people were attending 4 and 5 times to make up the numbers as many were not available. We never had a list of who was qualified and the cleaners could be better qualified.
  15. Let us be honest about this, When was the last time that anyone took a St. John's First Aid refresher course. There was a time when this was done every 3 years. At the present time there are very few officers wo are actually qualified to perform first aid. Unless all officers are trained then this should not be being considered. Having said all of that I do not know of any officer who would not attempt to save some persons life, qualified, or not. It is what we do.